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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Calling for Common Sense About Christmas, Rutherford Institute Issues Legal Guidelines for Celebrating Christmas in Public, at School or Work

Senate Chooses Radical Feminist Abortion Ethos Over Pro-Life Majority

Group Responds to SOA Watch Protesters at Fort Benning: A Call to Gratitude: Who Will Thank Our Heroes?

Senate to Vote on Judicial Anarchist

Operation Save America Press Conference: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eight Things Not to Say to Bereaved Parents During the Holidays

250,000 Expected for Dayspring's Happy Birthday Jesus Party

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

National Right to Life Committee Rejects Reid Abortion Funding Language as 'Completely Unacceptable,' Calls for Enactment of Stupak-Pitts Amendment

Two Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Interrogated for Attempting to Meet with President Obama

Richard Viguerie Sends Follow-up Message to Catholic Laymen Regarding the Campaign for Human Development

DC Mayor Refuses Citizens a Vote on Marriage

Churches Help People in Divorce During the Holiday Season and Discover It's an Effective Outreach Strategy

Renowned Philosopher Proves Religious Faith is Reasonable

More than 2,500 to Attend Tampa Premiere of 'The Mysterious Islands' -- a New Film Shot on the Galapagos Islands Which Challenges Darwin

Two Iranian Christian Women Freed Today After 259 Days in Prison

Urgent National Call to Prayer - Focus: The Prayer Against Evil

Nevada Life Groups in League with Planned Parenthood; Try to Stop Pro-Life Efforts

Angus Buchan Back, LIVE on GOD TV

Leave Earth Behind: Join the Quest

Faith Organizations to Display Live Nativity Scene at the United States Supreme Court

ChristianLawyers.com Launches A Directory of Christian Lawyers

Hodari Forced Abortion Suit Alleges Woman's Mouth Covered to Muffle Her Screams

Non-Profit Asks Christians to Reverse Thanksgiving this Holiday

God Moves in Fathers in New Movie 'One Good Man'

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Palin's Political Action Committee Reacts to ProlifeProfiles

The Glory of Angels by Edward Lucie-Smith

ECA Issues Resolution Against Abortion Funding

Cloud Ten Pictures Exposes America's Push for New World Order

Religious Leaders Urge Senate to Resist Abortion Funding

Vote No on David Hamilton for 7th Circuit Court

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