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Friday, August 28, 2015

Local Foundation Springs to Little Sisters' Defense

Though Most Know Little About Him, Pope Viewed Favorably by Americans

Alpha Omega Publications Releases 18 New Courses for Ignitia Online Curriculum

Thomas More Society Defends David Daleiden as He Uncovers Abortion Industry's Sale of Fetal Body Parts

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Assemblies of God Honors Verna Linzey on 50th Anniversary as an Active Minister

Ebony Magazine Throws Black Babies Under the Bus as They White Wash Truth about PP Founder Margaret Sanger

The John Paul II International Film Festival Marks Its Five-Year Anniversary

OCP Pledges to Support the V Encuentro

Hume Lake Christian Camps Assesses Fire Impact

Alveda King -- The Tip of the PP Iceberg: Below the Surface of the Water is More Evil and More of Our Tax Dollars

Nationwide 'JumboTron' Tour Showing Planned Parenthood Undercover 'Sting' Videos Begins This Fall

Healing the Healer: A Broken Pastor Finds the Path to Wholeness

It's Time to Rekindle the Fire of Radical Love for God

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

dfree® Financial Freedom Movement Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

707 Member Catholic Benefits Association Makes Argument Supporting Little Sisters of the Poor Before Supreme Court

NOM Identifies Marriage Champions Who Emerge from Republican Presidential Field

Otterbein Bible Study Group Holds Baby Shower for Elizabeth's New Life Center

New Xulon Title Encourages Youths to Use God-Given Gifts

IRD: NCC Support for Iran Deal 'Utopian'

Benjamin Altschul, Pastor of Great Among The Nations Christian Ministry, Launches Inspirational Video for Christians in Poland

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chrisagis Brothers Legends Concert Huge Success

Standing With Hope Offers New Limbs, New Lives

New Crowdfunding Campaign Says Polar Bears are Thriving -- Not in Imminent Danger from Global Warming

New School Delivers Hope for ISIS Victims

Infinity Concepts Named Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Pittsburgh

Activists Launch National Campaign Calling Upon Speaker Boehner Not to Pass Any Legislation that Funds Planned Parenthood

Contaminated Tissue from Abortion Clinics, Squeamish Researches Pose Hurdles to Profitable Fetal Parts Trafficking Says Planned Parenthood Partner

iDisciple Launches Website Redesign

How Do We Live the Truth in Love When the Culture Says We're Haters?

Jesusland Author Endorses Cruz 2016

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