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Thursday, July 10, 2008

NAACP Protest and Press Conference to be Held at National Convention July 14 in Support of Macon Chapter Pro-Life Resolution

Rally in Support of Coptic Christians in Egypt

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

GOD TV Urges Christians to Mobilize in Prayer

California Marriage Protection Act Hires Top Communications Director

Jack Tapper and ABC News Got the Facts Wrong on 'Barack Obama: The Abortion President Campaign'

2008 GMA Dove Award Songwriter of the Year Cindy Morgan, Releases Self Produced and Self Distributed Project, Beautiful Bird

Pastor Zhang Zhongxin Sentenced to Two Years Re-education Through Labor by Shandong Officials

Barack Obama: Fact vs. Rhetoric on Abortion

Mission Aviation Fellowship Facing Crisis with Soaring Gas Costs; Ministry Seeking to Avert Cutbacks

Midas Records Band, Rush of Fools Gears up for September 16, 2008 Release of Highly-Anticipated Sophomore Project, 'Wonder of the World'

Pro-Life Groups to Protest Against Black Genocide at NAACP Convention July 14

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Transparency of Joyce Meyer Ministries Confirmed by Senator Grassley

Georgia Right to Life Oratory Contestant Wins National Contest

2008 Election T-shirts Inspire Prayers for America

A Call to Arms

YouTube Replaces Censored Video

Hundreds of Worldwide Marriage Encounter Couples Sign Proclamation Supporting a Lifetime Commitment to Marriage

Abunga.com Calls Kids to the Voting Polls: Online Bookstore Holds First Kids' Choice Book Awards

The Spirit of the Horse -- Timberline Knolls Recovery Center Launches Equine Therapy

Faith, Business, and Social Sector Leaders Converge for Worldwide Leadership Summit

Gun Saint Society Declares Supreme Court Second Amendment Decision a Secular and Religious Blockbuster for Right of Self-Defense

Senator Barack Obama Wants You to Pay for Abortions

Monday, July 07, 2008

Remarks by President Bush and Chancellor Merkel of Germany in Photo Opportunity

Heilongjiang House Church Persecuted in Coordinated Effort by Chinese Federal Agencies

The Wesleyan Church Elects First Woman General Superintendent

New Master's Degree Combines Faith, Service and Leadership

New and Innovative Italian Duo-Tone(TM) Designs for Bestselling Adventure Bible

Zonderkidz Releases Two Devotionals for Tweens, Younger Readers

CoG for Life Asks Medical Profession & Pro-Life Families: 'Just Say no to New Aborted Fetal Vaccine'

Pro-Lifers Picket NEA Convention: Chuck Donovan, Nellie Gray, Jim Sedlak, Rev. Childress, Bob Pawson Speak Out; NEA Endorses Obama

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