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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Don't Retire, Get Inspired: What's Next for the Second Half of Your Life

Christian Author Shares Journey from Poverty and Pain to Prosperity to Encourage Inner-City Youth to 'Dream Big'

A New Year's Resolution You Can Actually Keep: Make Each and Every Day an Opportunity for Growth

Abortionist Faces Revocation in Wake of Abortion Death

Leading Catholic Publicist Joins Our Sunday Visitor

Book Argues That Corporate Structure Spells Death to Modern-Day Church

Author Brings Clarity About End Times

The Biggest Loser is a Shame-Based Show. I'd Rather Be a Smaller Winner and Stay That Way

Pro-Life Group Launches Billboard Campaign Targeting U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor's District, Saying 'No Compromise On Abortion Funding' for the Health Care Reform Bill

Smallest Nation Gets Help in Fighting AIDS

Christ-Centered Prison Reform Project Contract Signed and Backed by Dominican Republic Government Delivers Hope

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dr. Seuss Meets the Bible

CBF Launches Audio Bible Listening Campaign

Breedlove Challenges Restrictions on the Production of Life-Saving Humanitarian Food Aid

A Forceful Story of Faith

Leading Scientist Publishes Comprehensive Christian Guide to Earth History

God's Grace in Divorce: Real Life is Not Like the Movies

Walk for Life West Coast Expects More than 30,000

Sky Angel Adds MLB Network to National Platform

Outreach, Inc. Releases Church Campaign Guide to 'DO Something!'

2nd Breast Cancer Scandal: National Cancer Institute Researcher Louise Brinton Reverses Position, Finally Admits Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk in Study that Fingers Oral Contraceptives as a Probable Cause of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

N. Korea Top Persecutor of Christians for Eighth Straight Time

National Christian Leaders to Pray for God's Protection and Blessing at the 9/11 Terror Trial in New York City

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Leading Religious Newswire Republishes Controversial Muhammad Cartoons

BCWI Announces 2010 Best Christian Workplaces in the US and Canada

Wesleyan Leaders Strengthen Ties for Global Ministry

Is There a Supreme Being Who Manages History? A Lawyer Offers Evidence

Brit Hume Was Right

Sky Angel Adds HSN to Channel Lineup

Can the Gift of Tongues Reverse Babel and Unite the Body of Christ

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