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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Novel Borrows from Author's Experiences as a Hired Gun in Iraq

Governor Palin Supporters to Hold Rallies, Prayer Vigils and Demonstrations Surrounding the October 2 Vice-Presidential Debate in St. Louis

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feeling Lost -- Need Directions -- Finally a Book for Those Who Don't Know Everything

Michelle Tumes Set to Compose Original Score for Faith-Based Romance

Bills on Schwarzenegger's Desk Attack Children's Innocence, the Sanctity of Human Life, and the Conscience of Moral Citizens

Gay Marriage and Protect Marriage Advocates Face-Off at Joint Senate and Assembly Judiciary Hearing on Proposition 8 'Protect Marriage Act'

Jim Clark to Swim English Channel for Disadvantaged Children

Richard Viguerie: Unleash Sarah Palin!

'The Fine Line: A Rally for Youth, Young Adults and Parents' on Oct. 1 at the Rock Church in San Diego--and Simulcast Throughout California--Will Tackle the Issue of Faith and Same Sex Marriage

Jim Clark Receives Ethics in Business Award

The SAICFF Blazes Trail for Filmmakers: All Semi-Finalists and Finalists to Receive Distribution Contracts

Complaint Asks for Emergency Suspension of Tiller's Medical License

Catholic Clergy Call on YouTube to Remove Offensive Videos

New Book Exposes Readers to an Unseen Enemy in the Church

Richard Viguerie: House Republican Leaders Falsely Attacked Their Own Members, Hurt Their Party's Chances in November, and Should Resign

GFA Leaders in India Join Dharna and Peace March Against Persecution

Debut Novel Unleashes God's Fury

One Nonprofit Doesn't Want Your Money for Hurricane Ike

Former FLDS Member Reveals the Truth Behind the Headlines in a New Book

Pastors Discuss Their Sexual Addiction in TV Documentary - 'Somebody's Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography' - Set for this Fall

Zondervan Launches Bible Across America Tour, Invites 31,173 Americans to Handwrite NIV Bible

Finding Good Fruit on the Internet: PickAFig.com Offers Social Bookmarking for Catholics, Pro-Lifers

Uncle Sam -- The Biggest Crook in America

New Novel Examines a Life or Death Choice

Compact Car to Drill a Well in Ghana

Monday, September 29, 2008

Press Conference: 86 Virginia Pastors Ask Gov. Kaine to Reinstate 6 Police Chaplains Who Prayed 'in Jesus name'...State-Wide Prayer-Rally Contemplated

Fireproof Sets Box Office -- and Amazon.com -- Ablaze

Statement of Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Richard Viguerie: Bailout Defeat Shows Power of New and Alternative Media and is Evidence of 'A Permanent Shift in Power from the Establishment to the People'

Pro-Abortion Forces Air TV Ad That is Deliberately Misleading

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