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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Police Return Property Unlawfully Seized During Birmingham Arrests, Video Shows Survivors Clearly on Public Property

MyFaith.com Announces GodTube Alternative

Canada to Lead the World in Prayer Via GOD TV

If Pro-Choicers Want to Reduce Abortions, They Should Support Waiting Period Says Fr. Pavone

Black Religious Leaders Say Free Speech Rights Violated -- Come From Around Nation to Support Pastor Facing Prison Term

Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama's Science-Based Sex Education

New Video Blog Gives Homelessness a Face and Voice

With a Plan to Make History, Timberline Knolls Takes Steps to Put Eating Disorders in the Past

March For Life: Same Time, Next Year?

Pro-Life Youth Arrested in Birmingham Call for Return of Camera Equipment to Prove Innocence

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shanghai Authorities Plan to Deprive Wanbang Missionary Church of Its Right to Worship

Congressman Frank Wolf Criticizes Obama Administration for Silence During UN Review of China's Human Rights Record

Most Inspiring Movie and TV Program of the Year Presented at Awards Gala

Husband and Wife Team Up to Give Encouragement to Struggling Christians

Fr. Pavone Praises Utah House Bill to Establish Pro-Life Fund

Student Outreach Center Opens in Mongolia's Capital

New Abortion Bill Would Bring Common Protections to Arizona Says Fr. Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone Praises State House for Action Against Partial-Birth Abortions

Outrageous Civil Rights Violations in Birmingham Against Pro-Life Youth Activists; News Conference Today at Birmingham City Jail

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brooklyn Community Group Responds to Catholic School's Closing Needs

Nine Pro-life Youth Jailed in Birmingham Following Arrests on Public Sidewalk

Best-Selling Author Josh McDowell and Son Focus on Estranged Relationship in New Easter Book

Founders of Creation Science Respond to Worldwide Darwin Celebrations

Obama Betrays Supporters

AFTAH Gives RNC Chief Michael Steele 20,000 Reasons NOT to Embrace Divisive Homosexual 'Log Cabin Republican' Agenda

Round Trip Documentary Follows Missions Teams

Colorado-Based Ministry Launches Underground University to Redeploy North Korean Exiles Back Inside North Korea

Catholic Television Station Receives Record Financial Support Despite Recession

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Christian Ministries Weak on K-12 Christian Education in Exodus Mandate Report Card

Richard Viguerie: Stimulus Bill will Make Charities the Pawns of Government

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