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Thursday, August 21, 2008

John Jay Institute and Summit Ministries Enter Partnership

Momma is Daddy Going to Hell

Operation Rescue 'Recommends' Gov. Sebelius for Vice-President to Bolster Obama's Pay Grade

Barack Obama: 'No we Can't'

National Youth Organization Announces Internet Radio Station

Archbishop Raymond Burke Discusses Respect for the Holy Eucharist and the Pastoral Aspects of Canon 915

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Operation Rescue Denounces Press Release of Randall Terry Regarding Activities and Racially Insensitive Literature at the DNC

Largest Black Pro-life Organization Outraged Over Planned Parenthood Website

Advocates of Same-Sex Marriage Continue to Force Compliance Against the Will of Californians

An Open Letter from Richard Viguerie to John McCain: Conservatives Can Also Play the Maverick Game

The Men Running for President Need to Get Serious

Planned Parenthood Plays Dirty with Legal Battle Against Aurora Pro-Life Citizens

Body Image is a Concern for Students of All Ages

Excerpts from the President's Remarks to the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bill Keller, Founder of LivePrayer.com Comments on Rick Warrens Civil Forum

Randall Terry, of Operation Rescue and O.R. Activists Plan Arrests During DNC

Proposition 8 to Protect Marriage Receives $1 Million Donation from the Knights of Columbus Catholic Organization

Richard Viguerie: Conservatives are Making Liberals Pay a Political Price for the High Costs of Gas, Food, and Other Goods

Persecution Still 'Behind the Scenes' in Communist China

Senator Barack Obama Wants You to Pay for Abortions

Activist Group Launches Campaign and Web Site to Expose Obama's Abortion Extremism

Evangelical Press is Running the Race with Eric Liddell at the Olympics

Are Women Silent Victims of Sexual Misconduct in Churches

Churches Pay the Average Senior Pastor More Than $80,000 Per Year

Bishop E. Bernard Jordan to Host First Annual Prophetic Summit and Grand Prophetic Ball

Floods in West Africa Raise Major Health Risks

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Obama Cover-up Unravels: Obama Tells CBN-CNN That NRLC is 'Lying,' but His Campaign Confirms the NRLC Charge the Next Day

White House and CaliforniaVolunteers Summit Explores Expanded Partnerships to Strengthen California Nonprofits

LaHaye Announces Settlement Over Left Behind Film Rights

White House and CaliforniaVolunteers Summit Explores Expanded Partnerships to Strengthen California Nonprofits

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