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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pastor Says: 'I Saw Catholics Arrested for Being Catholic at a Catholic University' -- Notre Dame

Official Text of Obama's Honorary Doctorate Given by Notre Dame

Angels & Demons: Full of Half-Truths, Historical Inaccuracies and Outright Lies says Catholic Author

Gallup Shows More Americans Pro-Life

New Gallup Poll: Obama on Collision Course with Public Opinion on Abortion Policy

Christian Slave Owners in 18th Century New York - Focus of New Book

Watch Arrests at Notre Dame Live Online; Pro-Life, Pro-Family Film Crew to Broadcast Notre Dame Protests Live at Noon on Friday, Saturday, and Later on Sunday

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Campus Activism Prize Awarded by Human Life Alliance and Students for Life of America

Find Your 'Everyday Greatness'

Sky Angel Adds BabyFirstTV Premium Subscription Channel -- Offers Free Look Through May 31st

Gospel for Asia Workers Helping Sri Lankans Displaced by Civil War

More Arrests Friday and Saturday, at Notre Dame. Alan Keyes Asks: Will Bishop D'Arcy Intervene? Also, Norma McCorvey - AKA 'Roe' Vows to Come and Risk Arrest

A Powerful Force and Revival for LIFE! San Diego Mega Pastors Unite at 'Choose Life!' Rally this Sunday

'March For Life' Organized to Protest Freedom of Choice Act

'Abortion Plane' Dominates Notre Dame Commencement Protest

Alpha Omega Academy Offers Distance Learning Students New Online Curriculum

Leaked: Text of Notre Dame's Honorary Doctorate Degree to Barack Obama Given to Randall Terry, Leader of StopObamaNotreDame.com

Announcing National Campaign Against Tax-Funded Abortions at Washington, DC, Press Conference

Exclusive Dinner & Film Screening of the Family Movie, 'Set Apart'

The Audacity to Speak: Thoughts on Why Obama Should Excuse Himself from Notre Dame's Commencement Ceremonies

Pro-Life Leaders to Announce National Campaign to Fight Against Taxpayer Funded Abortions in President Obama's Health Care Plan

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Planned Parenthood Attempts to Carve Out Special Privileges for Abortion Cases

Obama Budget Undermines His Goal of Emphasizing 'Sacredness of Sexual Behavior' and Reducing Abortion

Comprehensive Sex Ed Doesn't do Better than Abstinence Ed When Measured by Same Standards, Institute Says

Dr. Alan Keyes Charges Fr. Jenkins with Abuse of Authority -- Press Conference Held Today by those Arrested at Notre Dame for Sharing Pro-Life Message

Photo Contest to Showcase Work on the Mission Field

Divine Stimulus--New Book of Inspirational Prayers for this Economic Downturn

Leading Israeli Environmental Organization Campaigns to Clean the Jordan River, Where Jesus Christ was Baptized

Chronic Pain Sufferers Find Hope in the Darkness

A Vulnerable and Engaging Perspective Exploring the Mysteries of Faith from a Former Atheist

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