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Friday, October 31, 2008

Famous Celebrity Exposes Obama on Abortion... Video and Audio Files Available for Media and Public to Play

Walking on Water Announces DVD Release of New, Inspirational Surf Film - Over 62,000 Impacted World Wide

Day of Perdition: We Almost Stopped Him... New Book on Barack Obama

What do You Get When You Cross a Ring with a Drilling Rig

JustONEJudge.com Releases Video and Web Campaign to Highlight Importance of 2008 Election

Largest Abortion Provider Backing Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Admits Infants Born Alive During Abortions Left to Die: 'It Does Happen'

Anti Obama Activism Planned in 50 cities; 'Main Street' America Unite: Obama is not 'Main Street!' Sunday and Monday, Nov 3 and 4

40 Days for Life Approaches End of Campaign; Pro-Life Prayer Volunteers don't Want to Stop

Thursday, October 30, 2008

NAACP Los Angeles President Alice Huffman Sells Out Black Families

Bishop Gracida's Radio Ad Airs as Pro-Life Television Commercial in Ohio

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission Challenges Obama Christianity Claims

650 Latinos Killed Daily in USA... Barack Obama's Response May Surprise You

Judge Roy Moore Gives Award to Best Male Christian Country Music Vocalist During ICM Award Ceremony in Nashville

Election Night Parties

Obama's Views on Iran are 'Utterly Immature,' Says French President

Law of Subjective Responsibility

Dallas Ad Agency Exec has 10,000 Praying in 5,000 Zip Codes at PrayForSarahPalin.com

'Fight For America' Bread of Stone Urges Christian Vote

New Partnership to Help Churches Meet 21st Century Challenges of Space and Cultural Changes

Free Speech Now Welcome at Columbia College

Claims by No on Prop 8 Grow More Desperate as Polling Numbers Sink

HWJV.org Launches Website to Explore the Scripture to Enlighten the Question, How Would Jesus Vote

Informing the Christian Vote in 2008

Renown Pro-Life Leader Expresses Desire to Vote Obama

Struggles and Triumphs: Retelling the Stories of Historical Women

Popular New Pro-Life Movie Sweeps Past McCain and Obama on GodTube

Many Individuals with Eating Disorders not Getting Help They Need

Victory - 11th Circuit Court Rules to Allow Prayers 'in Jesus Name.' Virginia Governor Unrepentant, State-Wide Prayer Rally Saturday Honoring Six Police Chaplains (Press Conference Friday)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God, Abortion and Judgment

Persecution Intensifies After Olympics

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