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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time for Senator Reid to Back Up his Words with Action by Including Pro-Life Protections in Senate Health Care Bill

Veteran Journalists Alford, Guthrie Join InChrist Communications

New Robert Townsend Musical Theater of Hope Special World Premieres on GMC Sunday, Nov. 15 at 9:00 PM (ET)

On Fire for the Lord

D.C. Victory Campaign LIVE on GOD TV

Jim Anderson (KS-4) Picks Up Major Endorsement from Catholic Families for America

Former Attacker Turned Movie Producer Releases Warner Brothers Movie

Nyack College Prays for 'Miracle in Manhattan'

'Choice' Abortion's Accomplice, Unmasked in New Pro-Life Website

Minister Threatened for Promoting Religious Liberty

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Churches Turn to Innovative Fundraisers During Recession

Liberty University Students Celebrate Pro-Life Week

Planned Parenthood Injunction Request Fails; Former Clinic Director Scores Victory in Court

National Ministries Join Forces Bringing New Opportunities for Global Outreach

Priceless Christmas Gift for Seniors

Best-Selling Author Josh McDowell Challenges Palin and Oprah to Discuss Abortion and Morality During Anticipated TV Interview

Popular Book Encourages Church to Break Through Islam's Veil as Muslim Violence Spreads Worldwide

Why is the Administration Subsidizing America's Islamic Adversaries?

Connect the Dots -- Fort Hood was Not an Isolated Incident

Christian Screenwrite Announces Winners of Sixth Annual Contest

MAF Receives Second Straight 'Passion Award'

Bethlehem Hospital Provides Service Opportunity for Students

Amidst Holiday Emotions and Activities, Magazine Offers Inspiration and Challenge

Pioneering Report on Disappearance, Forced Conversions and Forced Marriages of Egyptian Christian Women Released

2012 Doomsday? Best Selling Bible Scholar Reveals 'The Ancient's Deepest Secrets'

Monday, November 09, 2009

Authentic Abortion Exclusion Needed in Senate Health Care Bill: Reid Should Follow Lead of House, Senator Ben Nelson -- Not President Obama

John Jay Institute Chaplain/Theologian Named Full Professor at Uganda Christian University

Lutheran World Relief Begins Disaster Response in El Salvador

A Case for the Divinity of Jesus: Examining the Earliest Evidence

Unmasking the 'Killers' of Main Street

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