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Jesusland Not Buying McBaptist

McCain a Baptist not needing baptism


Contact: David Jeffers, 850-565-0993, jeffers221@bellsouth.net


MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- While campaigning in predominately Baptist South Carolina, presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-Az.), revealed that he is Baptist and has been for years. This new revelation will come as a shock for most in Jesusland, according to David Jeffers, author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland. "Evangelicals, and in this case those of the Baptist faith, are not going to be easily swayed by McCain's pandering," Jeffers said.


Jeffers explains that "Many of the Baptist faith are going to have a hard time accepting McCain's claim that he is a Baptist while saying he 'did not find it (baptism) necessary to do so for my spiritual needs." "Baptism is not followed to meet spiritual needs; it is an act of obedience and a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ," the author stated.


"It is this type of pandering that evangelicals are used to seeing from the Democratic side. To see it coming from a self-proclaimed 'conservative Republican' is not going to play well in Jesusland" said Jeffers. The author stated he "would completely expect something like this from Hillary Clinton or Howard Dean, but to see McCain stoop to this is a sign of his desperation to save his campaign."


Even though McCain states he is an "active member" of North Phoenix Baptist Church, Jeffers said McCain's personal stance on baptism is in direct conflict with the church's belief statement on baptism. Jeffers claims North Phoenix' claim "through baptism, we announce our commitment to the church and our desire to live a life following the example of Jesus Christ," definitely shows that McCain is out of step with his own church. Jeffers explains that baptism by immersion is what makes Baptists Baptist!


Jeffers reminds McCain that Proverbs 16:23 teaches "a wise man's heart guides his mouth," and in Jesusland it is not wise to claim to be something you are not.


David Jeffers is a lay preacher, retired Army Master Sergeant and author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Liberty University where he received his degree in Biblical Studies, Jeffers frequently comments on the Evangelical perspective of current affairs in the media. To interview Mr. Jeffers please contact him at jeffers221@bellsouth.net or by cell (850) 565-0993