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Could Hand and Iris Scanning Techniques be the Forerunners to a Worldwide Identification System Leading to the Prophetic 'Mark of the Beast'

Contact: Adam Cothes, The Wine Press Group, 360-802-9758, adam@winepressgroup.com


ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Linda Sargent’s novel, “Skin Deep,” is way too close to reality to be read and dismissed. Could a skin deep computer chip resolve the problem of identity theft, national safety issues, and speed ordinary purchases? Could that same chip track your whereabouts and keep tabs on you and every other human being in unimaginable ways? Sargent’s startling novel shows us how all the technology needed to implement a worldwide numbering system for everyone on earth is already in place. The book asks the question: Is what is about to transpire in both the novel and the real world, a precursor to the biblical “mark of the beast?”

George Evan Maxwell is the successful CEO of one of the world’s major banking operations, Global Financial Bank, headquartered in Manhattan. One night, one of his employees, in an attempt to pad his own pockets, allows the theft of thousands of bank tapes and records.

George, desperate to save his financial institution, decides to implement a scanning system achieved through the implantation of a microchip under the skin of the wrist; and he will be the first person to receive the chip. In an outdoor demonstration, he will have the chip implanted before throngs of people. He will then demonstrate with a scanner how the chip works.

Just as he steps up to receive the injection of the chip, an electrical storm begins that will change everything.

“Skin Deep” has been written to help us see an actual scenario of what the mark of the beast might look like. Sargent wants us to understand that the technology that could implement the mark of the beast is already used in some places in the world. She wants us to understand and be prepared for the reality that we may not be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the beast. She does not want us to accept new technologies without looking carefully into the far-reaching consequences that technology might bring.

Sargent can also comment on various biometric identifiers and RFID technology and how they impact America, including Smart ID cards.

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