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Help Stop Youth Violence by Saying NO to Kick-Ass the Movie

Contact: Norton O. Rodriguez, 786 344-9667, theGodofmoses@gmail.com 

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Kick-Ass (the movie) is the new action adventure film where kids become super heroes; a film created by Hollywood, yet this film is a very dangerous film for kids and young teens. The film Kick-Ass teaches that shooting and killing people is fun and cool, and kids don't need to have Super Powers either because the kids in the film use real guns, knives, swords and more and they use it to kill people. But that's not all, the kids also use profane and obscene language in the film (like never before seen in a film that involves kids under 18), we believe this is cinematic-child abuse to the first degree. And we are holding the producers and director of Kick-Ass "publicly accountable" for the youth violence this film may create in the near future. By just looking at some of the movie trailers on youtube.com (specially the red-band trailers) we are able to see a level of youth-violence in the film we've never witnessed before where young kids are involved.

In Kick-Ass Hollywood is clearly launching the worst obvious-assault in the history of cinema against our youth in this country. A film that clearly promotes youth-violence like we've never seen in our life time. We are calling on Parents, Teachers, Churches, Pastors, Priests, the Media, Law enforcement agencies and public officials to come against the film "Kick Ass". If we do nothing now, worst films will come down the pipeline, in fact, the producers are already planning a Kick Ass Part 2.

The film Kick Ass has crossed every imaginable line Hollywood has had when dealing with kids, guns and violence. Our nation's youth is already suffering from violent acts such as: bullying, teen depression, teen suicide and youth violence is already out of control in this country... And now Hollywood comes out with a film that promotes and glorifies guns and youth violence to the max. Please, say NO to "Kick-Ass" the movie.

Please, help us get the word out! DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS or GRAND KIDS WATCH THIS FILM when it comes out in the theaters on April 16th. For more information please contact us at: theGodofmoses@gmail.com