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Trunews' Rick Wiles Calls on Alex Jones to Denounce Armed Open Carry March on Washington

Contact: Chase Anderson, Trunews, 772-569-8880, Chase@Trunews.com

VERO BEACH, Fla., May 22, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Trunews radio host Rick Wiles today denounced the upcoming Open Carry March on Washington scheduled for July 4, 2013. The march is organized by Adam Kokesh. Participants are urged to carry loaded firearms to Washington and walk across the Memorial Bridge in a show of defiance against demands by the Obama Administration to the Congress to pass stricter gun control laws.

Mr. Wiles is an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. He is a member of the NRA and Gun Owners of America. He personally owns firearms for self defense and recreational target shooting.

"This call for citizens to march with loaded firearms across the Memorial Bridge is highly irresponsible and dangerous," said Wiles. "No responsible citizen should participate in an event that has a high risk of ending in a violent shootout with federal law enforcement officers. This proposed march borders on being an incitement to instigate an armed mob."

Mr. Wiles also strongly criticized radio host Alex Jones for giving Adam Kokesh credibility and publicity by interviewing him on his daily radio program to promote the march. "Nobody would know about this insane idea of marching with loaded firearms had Alex Jones not talked about it on his radio program," said Wiles. He said Mr. Jones is walking a fine line by not officially endorsing the armed march, but giving the event publicity on his show, and by telling his radio listeners who attend the march to take lots of photographs of the police.

"I call upon Alex Jones to publicly denounce Adam Kokesh's call for citizens to carry loaded firearms into Washington D.C. in July," said Wiles. "Alex Jones must unequivocally declare on his radio program that he does not support the armed march, nor does he recommend that any of his listeners attend the armed march," said Mr. Wiles. "Furthermore, he should cease glorifying Mr. Kodesh as an oppressed political prisoner which is only further inflaming people to support this crazy idea."

The Trunews host has warned since 2008 that he fears Barack Obama will divide the American people to the point of civil war. "This country has not been so divided since the late 1850s," said Wiles. "We don't need hotheaded provocateurs aggravating the situation even worse than it already is today. What America needs right now are calm statesmen."

He is deeply concerned that some patriotic Americans are so enraged by the federal government's attack on our Constitutional liberties that they may be persuaded to carry out acts of violence.

"Patriots should not allow themselves to be duped by Spartacus-wannabes," said the Trunews host.

Mr. Wiles has been a very vocal opponent of Barack Obama's socialist revolution. He strongly believes American Christians will be persecuted in the years ahead. "The days of cheap grace Christianity are coming to an end in America. If you truly follow Jesus Christ, you will be persecuted in America. It is very clear where this country is going," said Wiles.

The Trunews radio host said, "American Christians must oppose tyranny with peaceful, nonviolent resistance. The regime would love to have an opportunity to start persecuting Christians. What the regime can't cope with is millions of Christians peacefully and nonviolently resisting their agenda."

Mr. Wiles said, "I'm willing to die, but it will be for the cause of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I'm willing to go to prison, but the crime will be quoting the Word of God in public. I'm not going to prison or to the grave because I foolishly listened to Alex Jones' inflammatory rhetoric or marched with a provocateur such as Adam Kokesh."

As a Christian pastor, Wiles said his responsibility is to spiritually prepare souls for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ -- not an armed political revolution. Wiles said, "The Apostles did not revolt against the Roman Empire. They preached the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eventually, the Roman Empire fell under its own weight of sin, decadence, lavish lifestyles of the rich, deficit spending by the government to conquer and subjugate other nations, and the rapid onset of extreme climate changes. Although the Roman Empire fell, the Church of Jesus Christ stood. It is still standing today. If the people of America do not repent of their sins, the American Empire will fall too. The Church, however, will be standing long after America is in the dustbin of human history. My allegiance is to King Jesus, not Barabbas."

Trunews is the media ministry of Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida. Rick Wiles started his weekday radio program in 1999. He is a former national marketing manager for CBN, and former marketing director for TBN.