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Persecuting a Hero
Contact: Mitchell Hailstone, Congressman Trent Franks, 202-225-4576
WASHINGTON, July 21, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Earlier this week, an Obama-appointed judge with numerous explicit ties to Planned Parenthood in San Francisco held David Daleiden in contempt of court and ordered him and his team to pay a $137,000 fine. David Daleiden is the founder of the Center for Medical Progress who became famous in 2015 for releasing damaging videos revealing Planned Parenthood executives negotiating prices for aborted baby parts. Since then, the abortion industry has targeted him through court orders and criminal charges in an attempt to obfuscate the content of the videos he leaked. Rep. Trent Franks (photo) reacted to the news of Daleiden being held in contempt of court:
"The Left has turned the courts and the legal system into a blunt instrument to punish political opponents, and that should strike fear into all of us. David Daleiden is an American hero for revealing the dark, evil secrets of the abortion industry. What he is undergoing in the Texas and California court systems can be called nothing other than persecution – the undercover tactics he used have been utilized by reporters and investigators for decades. This is an attempt to destroy the message by burying the messenger.
"Ironic, is it not, that we are willing to put a man in jail doing something virtuous like telling the truth, but we reward child murderers with federal subsidies.
"The public has a right to the extremely enlightening information in the videos – and David Daleiden has a right under the First Amendment to share the truth about Planned Parenthood and its affiliates."
Congressman Trent Franks is serving his eighth term in Congress and is the Chairman of the Pro-life Caucus in Congress. Franks sits on the House Judiciary Committee and the Subcommittee on Civil Justice and the Constitution.