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Top Ten Anti-Christian Events in 2010

Contact: Dr. Gary Cass, 954-551-9770; www.DefendChristians.org


SAN DIEGO, Jan. 3, 2010 /Christian Newswire/ -- Defend Christians.Org, a ministry of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, has just released its annual top ten list of anti-Christian acts in America for 2010. The surprising list is selected through an online poll of Christians and people of good will who are part of Defend Christians.Org.


"The poll results demonstrate a double standard is being applied against Christians and their faith, values and liberty," said Dr. Gary Cass, Chairman and CEO. "If these same types of actions were taken against other groups one would call it bigoted. We are exposing the shameful behavior of bashing Christ and biblical values for what it is, "Christophobia;" the irrational fear and hatred of Christ and His Word."


"Every year the list of attacks grows as godless secular values are inflaming the minds of many against Almighty God, Jesus Christ and Christianity. Most of the attacks are merely rhetorical. Increasingly they are becoming codified into policies that encroach on Christian's academic freedom and liberty of conscience. Freedom of speech is denied to Christians while they are slandered by radical organizations. In extreme cases the hatred boils over into violence," says Rev. Cass.



The 2010 Top Ten List include...


1. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act; a proposed federal bill that would force ministries, including churches, to hire people who oppose their beliefs or who live in open defiance of their values.


3. Julea Ward and Jennifer Keeton are two Christian students expelled from their respective Master's programs in counseling at two different universities because they wouldn't deny their faith and affirm the validity of the homosexual lifestyle.


5. Christians are denied their civil rights and falsely arrested for disorderly conduct at an annual Arab festival in Dearborn, Michigan for peacefully sharing the gospel. This happened the previous year, too. The Christians were acquitted both times of all charges.


9. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal ACLU-like organization, has continued to label many mainstream Christian organizations that promote traditional marriage as "hate groups" and "anti-gay" in lists that include violent racists groups.


For interviews or the complete list, contact Dr. Cass at 954-551-9770 or visit www.DefendChristians.org