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John Piper's Spin on Morality and the Law of God: New Video Reveals Antinomianism
Contact: Cathy Mickels, 360-387-7373, cathymickels@gmail.com
SEATTLE, Oct. 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a newly released video, America's popular pastor, John Piper, continues to be under scrutiny by a coalition of American and British Christians warning of the errors found in Piper's doctrine of Christian Hedonism, which is rooted in the heresy of antinomianism. This documentary video, "Is John Piper an Antinomian?" provides the history behind the word antinomianism and in Piper's own words shows he is spreading confusion regarding Christian duty and behavior, and planting the seeds of a false doctrine. 
According to the British author of the video, Dr. ES Williams, who has also produced three other videos detailing different aspects of John Piper's ministry and authored many books including his most recent "Christian Hedonism-A biblical examination of John Piper's teaching" has stated, "…an accusation of antinomianism cannot be lightly made. The purpose of this video is to provide the evidence on which the charge of antinomianism is leveled against John Piper's ministry."
Furthermore, quoting from Dr. Williams, he says Piper "…openly downplays the importance of obeying the commandments of God. And as we shall see, he insists that law keeping is not essential to the Christian life."
Expressing similar concerns is Cathy Mickels, co-author of "Spiritual Junk Food: The Dumbing Down of Christian Youth." Mickels states, "One of the video examples is found in Piper's speech titled 'Jesus Saves From Morality.' His convoluted message suggested morality and Christian duty interfere with the sanctification process, declaring his Christian Hedonism is 'the smite on morality.' Instead of describing morality as one of the fruits of a new life in Christ, he talked it down." 
Christian researcher, Denise Gumprecht has concluded, "This is not the time for men to be giving mixed messages to the church or the culture. Contrary to the teaching of John Piper, it is out of a grateful heart to Christ for redeeming our souls that we find disagreement with him and concur with Matthew Henry's Commentary which states, 'For as the believer is under grace, and his will is the way of holiness, he sincerely delights in the law of God, and in the holiness which it demands…'"
For further information, see: www.therealjohnpiper.com and 4 videos which viewed together provide a convincing picture of Piper's error.