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Our Gay Children and Sen. Rob Portman

Loving Our Gay Children Unconditionally While Holding to the Truth

Contact: Regina Griggs, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), 804-453-4737

OPINION, March 21, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Regina Griggs of PFOX:

    Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman has come out in favor of same-sex "marriage" because one of his sons has announced that he is homosexual.

    My heart goes out to Sen. Portman and his wife. As the mother of a homosexual child, I understand how Sen. Portman feels. It is not easy, but as a responsible parent I must stand firm in my belief that marriage must remain as that of a man and a woman. To deliberately deny children a mother or father by supporting genderless marriage will create grave consequences. All children do best who live in a society where healthy relationships come from living with and being exposed to both genders.

    President Ronald Reagan never let his children's liberal views get in the way of his running the nation according to his conservative philosophy. He did what he felt was right for his country, no matter how much it angered his son and daughter. President Reagan's unwavering beliefs left a legacy that younger politicians now strive to emulate for their generation.

    The two gay couples who successfully sued their states to institute same-sex marriage are now divorced. Couples Julie & Hillary Goodridge of Massachusetts and Robin Tyler & Diane Olsen of California have divorced each other. One of the first gay couples to wed in New York, Katie Marks & Dese Rae Stage, are now also divorced. Attempts to legislate and force genderless marriage on society for financial gain and societal approval does not generate either, and after their battle to marry was won, it did nothing to keep these couples together.

    What I, like tens of millions of Americans, think is best for society may seem like lack of support for homosexual people. Not so. As responsible members of society, we must look to what is best for the culture as a whole. All of my children, homosexual and heterosexual, benefit by living in a free society that is made possible only by legal and cultural encouragement of strong, mother-father-based families.

    Marriage reaches beyond the individuals involved and affects society from top to bottom. A genderless society creates more problems than it solves. Children do best when raised by a mother and father. Which parent would Sen. Portman have missed if he had been raised by male homosexuals or a lesbian couple? Would he rather give up his Mom or his Dad? As adults looking back on our childhood, would any one of us have forfeited our mother or father and not have noticed? Yet children manufactured with anonymous sperm sellers or rent-a-surrogates and acquired by same-sex couples for self-gratification live with this kind of discrimination from the moment of conception.

    As the executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), I believe parents do not have to approve of everything their children do and say. Responsible parenting means loving and respecting our children in spite of our differences.

    The gay lobby insists that parents can love their children only if they affirm same-sex "marriage," and, sadly, that's what they are teaching our children. Don't believe it, Sen. Portman. An organization comprised largely of parents of homosexual children, PFOX knows that parents and children can love one another unconditionally, without stipulations or strings attached. Parents like Sen. Portman and me can love our children without having to support genderless marriage.

    Sen. Portman, we invite you to rethink your recent statement and for you and your wife to become honorary members of PFOX. We welcome you with open arms.

Regina Griggs is executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and the ex-gay community.