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Homosexuality in the Heartland Nothing to Be Proud of -- Says LaBarbera Regarding Springfield, Illinois' First-ever 'Gay Pride' Festival
Contact: Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, 630-717-7631, americansfortruth@gmail.com  
SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, May 22, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera said today that Springfield's first-ever "Gay Pride" celebration is another tragic watershed for the Land of Lincoln – and said aggressive homosexual activism encroaching on America's heartland will surely undermine the First Amendment and religious liberties of citizens who stand for traditional, biblical morality.
LaBarbera and AFTAH (Americans For Truth About Homosexuality) will stand in silent counter-protest to the Springfield homosexual "pride" festival near the state capitol (on Capital Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets), under the banner: "Homosexuality: Wrong. Unhealthy. Unnatural. Changeable."
AFTAH expands on the banner's message below:
        Wrong: Historic Judeo-Christian teaching – Old and New Testament -- holds that homosexual practice is sinful. (See Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Professor Robert Gagnon's website, www.robgagnon.net, which ably refutes various LGBT attempts to affirm homosexuality as consistent with Christian ethos.) The Roman Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered." Other major religions including Islam similarly teach that homosexual practice defies the Creator.

Naturally, efforts to transform American law to affirm people practicing same-sex behavior have collided with the religious and First Amendment liberties of those who disagree with homosexuality. In Illinois, shortly after lame-duck passage of the "civil unions" bill, a homosexual male couple targeted Paxton bed-and-breakfast owners Jim and Beth Walder, who have held wedding ceremonies on their property. The "gay" activists seek to use the new law to FORCE the Walders to use their own private business (and property) to host homosexual "civil union" ceremonies against their Christian conscience. Similarly, LGBT activists are maneuvering to FORCE private, religious adoption agencies in Illinois to place children in homosexual-led households against their religious beliefs.
        Unhealthy: Astonishingly consistent data from public health agencies continue to affirm homosexual practice as leading to disease rates vastly disproportionate to the tiny numbers (1-3 percent) of practicing homosexuals in society. For example, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), recently reported the results of a large survey of urban "men who have sex with men" (MSM) – and found that one in five MSM had contracted HIV, and 44 percent of those did not know it. (Ironically, today's debut "Springfield Pride" is organized by the Phoenix Center, a local HIV/AIDS organization.)
        Unnatural: Even homosexual advocates admit to the high risk of practicing "gay" sex. Homosexual author Jack Hart writes that "some practices common among gays – especially rimming [anal-oral intercourse] and anal intercourse – are highly efficient at transmitting disease." Moreover, Transgender activists celebrate the horrific surgical removal of healthy breasts and sex organs as part of their pitiable (and futile) quest to "become" the opposite sex. Nevertheless, pro-LGBT messages are given to youth in schools in the guise of promoting their "safety."
        Changeable: Despite the sometimes vicious efforts of LGBT militants to deny the possibility of healthy change away from homosexuality, untold thousands of men and women have left the homosexual lifestyle behind. An example is Chicago's Linda Jernigan, a one-time proud lesbian who now, as an ex-"gay" Christian, helps other people overcome homosexuality. Jernigan is black and cannot change her skin color, though with God's help she successfully abandoned her immoral behavior and false lesbian identity. She was among those lobbying in Springfield against "civil unions" legislation.
"The truth is that homosexuality, bisexuality and gender confusion are nothing to be proud of," said LaBarbera. "We hope and pray that some of the proud homosexuals attending 'Springfield Pride' would find freedom from homosexuality through Christ, and become content in healthy, wholesome sexuality – as so many ex-'gays' and ex-lesbians have."
LaBarbera will be speaking at a rally in downtown Chicago May 27th – at St. Peter's Church in the Loop at 11:00 AM -- where he will be announcing a major new ballot campaign to put Illinois voters on record in 2012 as supporting the preservation of marriage as between one man and one woman.