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Author-Interview Guest Tells How to Share Christ with Buddhists, Americans Enamored with, Influenced by Eastern Religion

Dalai Lama’s Visit to U.S. this Spring Creates Awareness and Witnessing Opportunity, but Christians Need to be Equipped

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MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan 22. /Christian Newswire/ -- With the impending spring visit to the United States of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism, an author of the new book “Jesus in a New Age, Dalai Lama World” is eager to explain on radio and television talk shows and in magazine interviews how to defend and share Christianity with Buddhists and Americans enamored with or influenced by the Eastern religion.

“The Dalai Lama’s visit to the U.S. this spring is certain to heighten awareness about Buddhism,” said David Housholder, a missionary and educator with Interserve USA, who lived in India, Thailand and Nepal for more than 20 years, where he worked among Tibetan Buddhist peoples.

“It will be a perfect time to defend and share the Christian faith with recent immigrants, high school and college students strongly influenced by Buddhism, and everyday Americans who have woven the Eastern religion into their personal philosophy and world view. But to do that, Christians need an understanding of Buddhism and its Western variations, and how to best present the Gospel to followers and adherents.”

California, Texas and Massachusetts are slated stops to date for the Dalai Lama’s spring tour, said Housholder. Interserve USA hopes to host educational seminars for Christians in some of the locations he plans to visit. A large conference to be attended by Tibetan Buddhists from across North America is scheduled for Wisconsin in 2008, Housholder said. .

“Tibetan Buddhism has been highly influential in the religious ecumenical movement,” said Housholder. “It has been embraced by many of the cultural and intellectual elite, who are drawn by its message of peace, compassion and spiritual self-gratification.”

“Jesus in a New Age, Dalai Lama World,” which also is authored by M. Tsering, is a well-researched, in-depth work on the history, culture and influence of Tibetan Buddhism,” said Rev. Douglas Van Bronkhorst, Interserve USA executive director. “The point of view is unapologetically evangelical Christian, because Tibetan Buddhists and Americans influenced by the religion need Jesus! Householder can make a highly interesting, articulate and convincing presentation.”

Dr. Ralph Winter, founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission, said, “Jesus in a New Age, Dalai Lama World” reveals how a clear understanding of Tibetan Buddhist beliefs can help Christians live out the life of Christ in ways that Buddhists will appreciate.

The book can be ordered from Interserve USA by calling toll free 1-800-809-4440, extension 114, or by emailing requests to info@interserveusa.org.  

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