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?This Clinic Is Closed?

Summit Medical Center Birmingham Relinquishes License to State Officials in High Profile Case; Activist Calls for Further Action


To: National Desk


Contact: Jim Pinto, Founder, Sanctity of Life Ministries and Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life, 205-447-8796, 205-918-0082, jpinto@sanctityoflifeministries.org  


BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 15 /Christian Newswire/ --  Jim Pinto, Founder of Sanctity of Life Ministries and Pastoral Associate with Priests for Life and Her Choice Birmingham, and Pro-life activist for over 26 years in Birmingham made the following statement regarding Summit’s relinquishing of its license before the revocation hearing date set for, June 22nd.


The Alabama Department of Public Health recently suspended Summits License due to gross malpractice. A woman was told she was 6 weeks pregnant, given RU486-chemical abortion, by a non physician, while her blood pressure was dangerously high. We next hear of this woman "presented to the emergency room of a Birmingham hospital with the head of a baby protruding. While at the hospital (she) delivered a stillborn, macerated, six pound, four ounce baby."


 While we commend the Alabama Dept. of Health for its intervention in this case and rejoice that this place of death to babies and danger to women is closed, there is more work that needs to be done:


  • I call upon all Christians and people of good will to lament the brutal death of this precious child and the thousands who have suffered a similar end in this mill. I ask us all to offer to this woman, and all like her, the post-abortion healing and charity she needs. We also make known to woman in Crisis pregnancy that the resources and support you need are here for you-You are not alone!

  • I am inviting all people of good will to join me for a service of "Re-memberance, Celebration, and Commitment to Establish a Culture of Life" on Wednesday, June 21, 11:45 A.M. at the now closed, Summit Medical Center 1801 14th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35205.

  • The Physician/Abortionist and Nurse who oversaw this malpractice and murder of this full term human being should be further investigated and have their licenses to practice medicine revoked immediately by the Board of Medical Licensure. We also offer to them the mercy and healing that God desires for them.

  • We call upon the District Attorney, Tenth Judicial Circuit of Alabama, David Barber, to investigate criminal charges in the killing of a full term baby which is in direct violation of our Fetal Viability Law, not to mention the Moral Law. The records of the Summit should be handed over to the proper authorities for further investigation into violation of laws, malpractice, and abortion injuries.

  • We call upon the A.D.P.H. and other responsible State officials to investigate immediately any charges brought against Alabama Abortion Clinics who are violating State laws and medical standards that these Clinics are charged to maintain.

  • I express gratitude to Christians throughout the Country who prayed and contacted the authorities in Alabama.

Jim Pinto's ministry on behalf of the Gospel of Life is rooted in Birmingham, Alabama and extends throughout the United States.