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Romney Shows his Pro-'Gay' Colors, LaBarbera Says 'Pro-Family' Supporters of Romney Owe America an Apology

Contact: Peter LaBarbera, Republicans For Family Values blog, 630-546-4439, peterlabarbera@comcast.net

CHICAGO, Dec. 16, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Peter LaBarbera, founder of Republicans For Family Values blog (www.rffv.net), issued the following response to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's increasingly bold defense of homosexual "rights":

I tweeted the following in light of Romney's bold embrace of homosexuality-based "rights" -- voiced in last night's FOX debate and previously to the Des Moines Register editorial board:

    "Every pro-family leader or group that said they opposed the Homosexual Lobby (and raised $$ on that) -- yet supported Romney -- now owes us an apology."

If Romney wins the Republican nomination, it will be a huge blow to the pro-family movement and our efforts to stop the normalization of sexual perversion. Romney personifies the failure of the current "marriage-only" approach toward resisting "same-sex marriage" -- i.e., the idea that homosexuality is not the issue, but only "defending marriage." Here is the supposed GOP standard-bearer saying that he has stood tall for real marriage (a fib, according to Mass Resistance writer Amy Contrada, author of "Mitt Romey's Deception") -- and yet, like some soulless post-modern, he proudly embraces legal "rights" based on a Crime Against Nature that once dared not speak its name. (And did I mention that Romney flouts his own Mormon religion?)

According to Contrada's well-researched book, Romney -- who just reiterated his support for open homosexuals in the military:

  • Supported homosexual "domestic partnership" laws in MA;
  • Issued pro-"Gay Youth Pride" proclamations as Massachusetts governor and fully supported his own "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth";
  • Refused to sign the 2002 proposed Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage ballot referendum for a constitutional marriage amendment (he thought it was too extreme because it excluded "civil unions"); and
  • Bragged in 1994 Senatorial campaign debate that he would do more to mainstream homosexual rights than Ted Kennedy.

Is (was) our "pro-family" fight against homosexual activism the defense of God's timeless Truth or merely a money-making charade? Some Christians and conservative leaders either have been fooled by Romney, or bought into the thinking of "establishment" Republican VIPs (e.g., Ann Coulter) who say Only Mitt Can Win. I don't believe that for a minute, but now those who've spent years or even decades fighting this issue must ask: do we WANT Romney to win?

Romney has made the stakes crystal clear: Will the GOP join the Democrats in becoming officially PRO-homosexual behavior, which is to say, Pro-Sexual Sin?

Being against "gay marriage" (in name only) while campaigning to legitimize state-supported legal "rights" for an unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle condemned by God (and shown to be changeable through Christ) is NOT a "pro-family" position.

Republicans For Family Values blog is dedicated to defending traditional family values and the life of the unborn, in the GOP and the wider culture. For identification purposes only, RFFV founder Peter LaBarbera is also president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.