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Warning -- Romantic Apathy Runs Rampant Among Christians

Many See the Original Love Song as Viable Help


Contact: Guy Bickel, VP, Book 22, Inc., 813-294-2888, gb@originallovesong.com, www.originallovesong.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- It's everywhere! You read the blogs, see report after report... Romantic Apathy is running rampant and it's affecting Christian relationships all over the world.


It's bursting through on televisions, creeping in by email, and now, cell phones make it even easier to whisper words of love without ever having to look into each others eyes.


Noticing the trend, Guy Bickel, the originator of a unique Christian CD for romantic enlightenment entitled The Original Love Song, references a recent blog article entitled 'Romance in the Age of Irony', where Urban Survivor writes:


"Love in the 21st Century is a joke... it's a punch line in a sitcom. It's an e-mail with a lame smiley face in place of an original phrase. It's a hasty text message (LUV U) with a hieroglyph where your heart ought to be."


The Garvey Register further supports Bickel's claim in the article, 'The Lost Art of Romance'. "Though our planet may be warming, America's romantic climate registers fizzle, not sizzle. According to a survey conducted by the Society of American Florists, only 19% of men rank themselves as a seven or higher on a romantic scale of one to ten."


"Thank God (literally) there is help", says Bickel. "But it's powerful stuff! You need something strong to overcome the apathy and the 'who cares' attitude. We had no choice; we had to add the warning label."


"The Original Love Song is a kind of Romantic Enlightenment Course. It is scripture, word-for word from the Bible, but spoken in a manner to stir your emotions and get you thinking thoughts of romantic love. Then we set it all to an enchanting, movie-style soundtrack by an award winning film composer. The music really helps the message touch your heart."


"God loves romance" says Dr. David Clarke, Ph.D.; a Christian psychologist, marriage counselor, and author. "Spiritual intimacy, bringing God into the marriage and into bedroom will ignite the flame of passion and keep it burning forever. Every couple needs to hear The Original Love Song."


But be forewarned, The Original Love Song is for adults only. It will open up lines of communication, help foster wholesome, romantic thoughts, and is a most enjoyable step in achieving a spiritual and passionate relationship.