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Randall Terry to Discuss Efforts to Derail Giuliani at Press Conference

So-called 'pro-life Republicans' that are endorsing Rudy - like TX Governor Rick Perry, or NY Representative Pete Sessions, are typical treacherous politicians. They have betrayed innocent blood to support a child-killer; we can only wonder what '30 pieces of silver' they are seeking." Randall Terry

"Pro-life Republicans are on trial, to see what we value more: life or power; principle or party." Randall Terry

Contact:  Mr. Randal Terry, Operation Rescue XX, 904 687 9806

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, will hold a press conference in Boston, Mass. to discuss efforts to derail a Giuliani Nomination, and a Giuliani Presidency, should Giuliani get the nomination.

When: Friday, October 19, at 11:00 A.M.

Where: Republican Headquarters, 85 Merrimac St., Boston.

What: The duty of pro-life Republicans to defeat Giuliani at all costs.

Mr. Terry is on a ten week, 20 state tour of college campuses, churches, and pro-life groups, recruiting pro-life Republicans to fight against a Giuliani Presidency - even if it means the election of Hillary Clinton.

For radio interviews, here are some of the points Mr. Terry can discuss:

  1. Concerning child-killing itself, Giuliani would appoint judges who will uphold Roe vs. Wade; he has stated he would allow federal funds (taxpayer dollars) to be used to pay for the death of unborn children; he opposed the ban on partial birth abortion; he would make pro-abortion appointments in positions of great power; all of this would result in setting the pro- life movement back 20 years, and severely undermining our goal of restoring the protection of law to unborn babies.
  2. As President Giuliani would be the de-facto head of the GOP; he would systematically destroy the political power of the pro-life movement within the GOP; he would pressure the party to take the pro-life plank out of the party platform; he would declare the "abortion issue" is divisive, and should not be part of federal races; he would make the GOP the mirror image of the DNC regarding child-killing, thus insuring that there is no pro-life party.
  3. An enemy outside your camp makes you vigilant; an enemy in your tent makes you dead. Hillary would unite us, and she could be defeated in 4 years; Giuliani would destroy the cohesion of the right wing.
  4. Could we vote for a man who right on every single issue, except that he was a racist? Or was a candidate who supported slavery? (Of course, he would never own his own slave, but he would defend any other white persons right to own his own Negro.) How then can we in good conscience vote for a man who supports the destruction of innocent human life, which is far worse than slavery or racism?
  5. In 1991, then President George Bush justly destroyed the Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidacy of David Duke, because Duke was a racist. Which is a worse crime against God and man? Racism, or murder?
  6. As horrifying as it seems at first blush, Hillary Clinton would probably be a better president for the Pro- Life movement (and the innocent children we seek to protect) than Rudy Giuliani. The GOP needs to fix its moral compass, before we become the second party supporting the death of the innocent.