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2nd Vice President, Southern Baptist Convention, Still Says No to the Biblical Literacy Project

Contact: Wiley Drake, 714-865-8132


BUENA PARK, Ca., Sept. 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Wiley Drake says a few changes to the book "The Bible and Its Influence" still does not answer many more questions, and will not even begin to satisfy many other questions he and many other Southern Baptist have. Following are a few of his and other’s questions:

  1. If the book is faulty, why not re-call it and replace with corrected copies?

  2. Does the BLP book still encourage students to "look up some other examples of mythology" thereby implying Genesis might also be mythology?

  3. Does their new corrected copy still say that "Gideon won by a bit of trickery" rather than the power of God.

  4. Is their new book still saying, "God’s help comes with strings attached"?

  5. Do they still teach, "some philosophies see humans as no more sacred than other living creatures"?

  6. Does BLP still teach, "It is always good to remember not to try to apply current standards to biblical accounts"?

  7. Will we still find in BLP textbook, American writer and reporter Lincolm Steffen's 1926 defense of LENINIST (Communist) politics was called "Moses in Red"?

  8. Are we still told, "Hobbes used the biblical description of leviathan, the great beast subject to God alone, as a metaphor for the power of the state, the only institution he believes is capable of offering security in a troubled world"?

    Drake says, "Sounds like our old friends the Communist back for another attempt with the Bible in hand this time. I like how Joseph Farah described our communitarian friends with the Webster's definition," a member or advocate of a communistic or communalistic community" or his own definition, "a form of communism for people who believe in God."

  9. Does BLP still say, "The gospels are not histories- certainly not as history is defined today"?

  10. Is the corrected text still pushing the student to "other origin stories tell of many different gods who are created, and who work together or fight against one another to create out of the remains of previous creations"?

  11. Are the students still instructed how Genesis 1:28 might be used to justify either or both sides of environmental debates or animal rights legislation.

  12. Do they still give Fyodor Dostoyevsky's quote "If there is no God, then all things are permitted"?


Another Southern Baptist pastor, Rick Scarborough, when confronted with this discrediting of fundamental doctrines said, "Know that I will do all I can to expose this evil as well."