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School Shooting Caused by Sinful Soul, Not Imbalanced Brain

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NEWTOWN, Conn., Dec. 18, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- "I'm sick and tired of the media's attempt to make excuses for Adam Lanza's mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In the face of all the politically correct mumbo jumbo from pundits and religious leaders alike, it's time that someone took a stand and told the truth. The culprit is not an imbalance of chemical enzymes in Lanza's brain; the culprit is Lanza's sin nature! Man is wicked beyond belief," declared Dr. Marshall Foster, Christian historian, founder of the World History Institute and author of the introduction to the newly republished 1599 Geneva Bible.

"For years the schools have been teaching the children that evil does not reside in their souls. Therefore, evil is now, by default, circumstantial. According to this misguided worldview, there must have been something circumstantially that caused Adam Lanza to shoot innocent school children. His parents were divorced. He had access to guns that should have been limited. He had Asperger's Syndrome, an autistic disorder. Man is always looking for an excuse outside himself until he faces the demons in his own soul," said Dr. Foster.

"If Lanza's mass murder of innocents is given a pass, what about Adolph Hitler and the thousands of Nazis who killed six million Jews, making lamp shades out of their skin? Did all of them have autism too? Or is the Holocaust not prima facie evidence of the very existence of evil?" asked Dr. Foster.

"Rev. Thomas Hooker (1586-1647), the Puritan colonial leader who founded the Colony of Connecticut to the glory of God, was inspired by the 1599 Geneva Bible. He has been called the Father of American democracy. He based much of the 1638 Connecticut Constitution on the absolute precepts set forth in Deuteronomy 28. Americans once held the common view that there is a God in Heaven who will hold His creation accountable. Hooker understood that we enjoy the blessings of God when we obey His commands and suffer His curses when we disobey. That’s why the 10 Commandments were put into the Connecticut civil code. Moral precepts of right and wrong come from a true understanding of who God is, what His character is like. Murder is wrong because God is Life. Lying is wrong because God is Truth. Adultery is wrong because God is Faithful. And, as much as 'Reverend' Barry Lynn doesn't like it, America's Constitution was based on Connecticut's Constitution," said Dr. Foster.

"Sadly, public school teachers, including the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, no longer teach a classical education of right and wrong. Increasingly, classic books like the plays of William Shakespeare are being systematically eliminated from the curriculum in favor of politically correct women's studies, black studies, and gay studies.

"Alexis DeToqueville, author of the 1835 book Democracy in America, wrote that there was no need for a police force in most American communities because of their Christian character as opposed to pagan France where guards were on every street corner. The issue is not singularly the elimination of God's name from American public schools; it's about the American elimination of 2000 years of biblical morality as taught through a classical Christian education coupled with the intentional study of the Bible led by the father at home.

"Connecticut and the other 49 states have rejected the original vision for education which was to develop the moral character of the students in favor of the fiction that everything is morally gray. That kind of education emboldens mass murderers like Adam Lanza," said Dr. Foster.

"In my study of civilizations worldwide, I can document that God's covenant keepers win and those who break God’s covenant lose. Because we are breaking the very commandments of God, we have brought this tragedy on ourselves. The solution is to turn back to God," said Dr. Foster.

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