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Senator Obama is Hiding, While Dobson Again Fails to Lead

Accuses World Leading Internet Evangelist Bill Keller


Contact: Susan Zahn, WDC Media, 530-963-3496, office@wdcmedia.com; Bill Keller, www.liveprayer.com, 727-420-7005, bkeller@liveprayer.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, June 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bill Keller, the world's leading internet evangelist and founder of Liveprayer.com and the first Christian leader to go into the national media and make the case that based on his own words and actions, Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama is NOT a Christian (see links below), is accusing the Senator of hiding and Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family of once again failing to lead.

Keller has sent numerous formal invitations asking Sen. Obama to sit down on-camera to answer real questions about his faith and received no response. Followers of Keller's online ministry sent over 100,000 emails and placed 10,000 phone calls to Josh Dubois, the Director of Religious Affairs for the Obama campaign, asking for the Senator to answer legitimate questions about his faith. All of those emails and calls were ignored.

Instead, Senator Obama chose to meet with a hand picked group of evangelicals who were told they could ask him anything they wanted, but were forbidden to share his answers with the press or public.  He has also launched the "Joshua Project," targeting young evangelical and Catholics who are more likely to overlook his flawed theology and non-Biblical positions on the key social issues of our day.

Keller stated, "It is clear that Senator Obama is convinced he can use the news media to continue declaring he is a Christian without being held accountable for his non-Christian beliefs and actions, and that Christianity has been so watered down and Biblical Truth so compromised that he can ignore those followers of Jesus Christ who still believe the Bible represents Absolute Truth.  Instead he has aggressively courted those who call themselves Christians but hold liberal beliefs in opposition to God's Word as he does.  Just because you call yourself a giraffe doesn't make you a giraffe!"

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family finally spoke out against Senator Obama's skewed theology and perverse use of Scripture, responding to a speech he gave two years ago after Dobson recently learned that Senator Obama criticized him in that speech.  Sadly, Dobson's remarks were more aimed at defending his name than the Christian faith.  His credibility was badly shaken last year when he refused to denounce and all but endorsed Mormon Mitt Romney, even though Mormon theology is inconsistent with Biblical Christianity and is viewed as a satanic cult leading the souls of men to hell.

Keller commented, "I understand that he is a psychologist and not a theologian, but Dobson only spoke out against Senator Obama's flawed theology after he learned of the attack on his name.  Where was he months ago when people like myself were taking the heat in the national media for declaring that Senator Obama's beliefs and actions are clearly not those of a Christian?  Even though he has once again failed to lead, it is nice to finally have his voice speaking out against Senator Obama's confused and tortured theology."

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