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New Technology Improves Taste & Quality of Prefilled Communion Cups

Contact: Lori Ralls, Brand Manager, Celebrate Communion, 877-222-0771

OLYMPIA, Wash., May 29, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Prefilled Communion cups with wafers are the cornerstone product for Celebrate Communion, a niche eCommerce business located in Olympia, Washington.

Photo: Lori Ralls, Celebrate Communion Brand Manager with her husband Pastor Craig Ralls

After launching in January 2012, the company is experiencing explosive sales volume and is positioned to become a West coast leader in providing Communion supplies to churches across a broad range of denominations. Selling over 1 million cups in the first quarter after launch, the company got busy collecting feedback from customers. This was a priority because, for many companies that sell Communion products, this piece of their business model is almost a "side" business, with the major focus often being on larger product lines like Christian books and gifts. Celebrate Communion is unique in that Communion supplies are the sole focus of its business. For this reason, a great deal of care and consideration is taken in serving customers the best, freshest products with stellar customer service and superfast shipping at extremely competitive prices.

Prefilled cups with wafers have gained wide adoption in churches around the world because they are very easy to set up, do not require refrigeration and are more economical for churches because unused portions can be saved and used later. The plastic cups mean there's no chance of breaking glass and they are 100% recyclable. When asked about the latest improvements, Lori Ralls, Brand Manager, commented:

    "Back in our early days both we and our customers noticed that the printing on top of the prefilled cups wasn't always consistent or legible. That's the first thing we fixed right away. By removing the printing and leaving the tops clear, it was easier for church members to see that there was both a wafer & juice all in one."

Other feedback from customers revolved around problems with leaks on some occasions and cups that were too hard to open on other occasions.

With a new and improved Communion cup launching on May 22, Celebrate Communion is taking advantage of some advances in technology. Improvements to the manufacturing process have made it possible to produce prefilled Communion cups with a more consistent seal, while still being easy to open. Lori continued to say, "The most exciting part is that the grape juice in the prefilled cups tastes better! This is really a bonus because we had never received any complaints about the quality of the juice. It was great to know we had a good product to begin with and now it's just that much better!"

In addition to product improvements, the company has also reduced shipping costs and succeeded at producing a product that has nearly twice the shelf-life of the previous prefilled cups with wafers. As always, these products do not require refrigeration, but now last up to 12 months when stored in a cool, dry location. This can be a great savings to churches because it allows them to order larger quantities all at one time, significantly reducing shipping costs.

About Celebrate Communion is a sister company to CCI Solutions: Founded in 1971, CCI Solutions provides professional audio visual equipment, installations and media products to churches, schools and public venues. Contact Celebrate Communion at 1-877-222-0771 or email ReadyToServe@CelebrateCommunion.com 
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