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Norma McCorvey Promoted Adoption and Supported 'Choose Life' License Plates
In Memory of Norma McCorvey Get a "Choose Life" License Plate
Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Rex, President, The Children First Foundation, 914-629-3710
NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Elizabeth Rex (on left in photo with Norma McCorvey), President of The Children First Foundation, releases the following:
I had the honor of meeting Norma McCorvey back on November 17, 2001, during a benefit cruise around the island of Manhattan. Norma promoted the adoption option for unplanned pregnancies and supported the approval of the pro-adoption "Choose Life" License Plate in New York where it is still censored today even though it has been approved in 31 other states.
Norma travelled from Texas to help raise funds for Expectant Mother Care, a pregnancy care center located in the same building as an active abortion clinic in the Bronx. I attended the benefit to support EMC and to thank Norma for her tireless efforts to reverse Roe v. Wade.
On the cruise, I told Norma about the popular, pro-adoption "Choose Life" License Plate that was just approved in Florida with bi-partisan support in 2000. The plate had already raised over one million dollars to help support the life-saving efforts of pregnancy care centers and adoption agencies that promote adoption as a positive choice for women facing unplanned pregnancies.
I also told Norma that my husband and I had just started a pro-adoption, charitable organization, The Children First Foundation, in order to apply for a pro-adoption "Choose Life" License Plate in New York. Norma was very pleased with the news and told me always to stay in touch with her.
Unfortunately, fourteen years later on May 22, 2015, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that our pro-adoption New York "Choose Life" License Plate was "patently offensive" and could be "censored" by the NYS DMV. Dr. Betsy McCaughey, a renowned constitutional scholar, reported on the split decision in a scathing article entitled, "The DMV's Lunatic Speech Dictatorship." The New York Post even changed the title to: "DMV acts as if we live in Pyongyang."
In New York, Illinois, and California where pro-life speech is still censored, please visit www.TheChildrenFirst.org and order a "Choose Life USA" Half Plate that can be easily bolted to the top or bottom of your standard state plate. In the 31 states where they have been approved, please visit www.choose-life.org and order your state's official "Choose Life" License Plate.
In memory of Norma, please "Take a Stand for Life" and get your "Choose Life" Plate or Half Plate. Adoption is a pro-life choice that everyone can support.