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Security Training: Crucial for Christians Traveling Abroad

Contact: Alan Vermilye, Safe Travel Solutions, 866-289-5505, alan@safetravelsolutions.org

NASHVILLE, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- After seeing a 300% increase in the number of incidents and crimes reported against Christians traveling abroad in 2005 to 2006, Fort Sherman Academy developed security training curriculum specifically designed specifically for Christians traveling abroad.

"We have seen a significant increase in the number of kidnappings, illegal detentions, carjackings, home invasions, and other violent crimes against people traveling internationally," said David Dose an authority in hostage survival and anti-terrorism training and Fort Sherman Academy's president. "These acts underscore the growing danger and the call for security training to address these specific issues."

The curriculum, appropriately titled Safe Travel Solutions, is an extension of Fort Sherman Academy's intensive weeklong live training events and contains six sessions of video training led by Dose. The curriculum is perfect for churches or individuals planning an international trip.

"As we are called to go, just staying at home to be 'safe' is not a realistic option for many of us," said Dose. "We must find innovative new ways to reasonably continue going where we are called, and that means being better prepared to travel and respond to challenges appropriately."

Ken Holden of Georgetown College now feels more comfortable after completing the training. "Traveling to Tanzania in August, I felt more prepared for my trip than ever before," he said. "The world is not a more dangerous place because I went through the training, but I became a much more informed and aware traveler."

"The vast majority of all short-term mission teams will never experience a major security crisis," said Dose. "But unfortunately, these situations are occurring more often. So we believe that it's a good precautionary step to provide training just as you would buy insurance. Not to plan for the accident, but rather to be prepared if and when it happens."

Located in northern Idaho, Fort Sherman Academy has trained over 12,000 people from over 47 government, commercial, church and mission organizations. To date over 62 of those graduates have since endured and survived incidents like those covered in Safe Travel Solutions. For more information about this topic, an article, to schedule an interview with David Dose, or order the product call 1.866.289.5505; email alan@safetravelsolutions.org; or visit [website: www.safetravelsolutions.org.]