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Black Minister Comes to Defense of Rush Limbaugh

Contact: Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., President, 410-410-7740; Natalie Brown, Press Sec., 757-214-9053; both with S.T.A.N.D., stand@standamerica.us

CHESAPEAKE, Va., Oct. 15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., Founder and President of STAND (Staying True to America's National Destiny) a national grassroots organization calling America back to its Judeo-Christian values, has stepped into the controversy over Rush Limbaugh's efforts to buy a football team. "My wife and I have listened to Rush for over two decades," says the Bishop, "and we have never heard Rush make a racist statement. If we had, we would have stopped listening. This is strictly about liberal hatred of a conservative commentator."

Jackson is an attorney and graduate of Harvard Law School, does weekly national commentary on Radio America and USA Radio Network and writes frequently on matters of race. His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country and the world including "American Thinker", a popular online conservative publication.

Bishop Jackson -- incensed over the lies and distortions about Rush -- says, "Rush's comment about Donovan McNabb, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles was social commentary, which is what Rush does. He was giving his view on the racial politics surrounding a particular player. Allen Barra, writing for Slate Magazine, hardly conservative, wrote a detailed article arguing that Rush's comments were right."

In a scathing piece on the subject of race, Jackson wrote: "The liberal attitude toward racial minorities...is the intellectual equivalent of a master to slave relationship. [T]hey believe they own the souls of black folk... When any black person makes progress, they must be reminded that they owe it to their liberal benefactors. [L]iberals defend affirmative action...in the paternalistic belief that blacks cannot compete on the same level with whites. They glibly advocate lowering test standards and giving government set asides and handouts. Woe to the "racist" who questions the fairness or effectiveness of such policies."

Says Bishop Jackson, "One may disagree whether McNabb has benefited from liberal media bias, but it is not racism to point it out when one believes it is happening. President Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have undoubtedly benefited from liberal media paternalism. Accusations that Rush has compared football to the Crips and Bloods or that he praised slavery are lies. The liberal race baiters who have falsely accused Rush owe him an apology.

Jackson is calling upon all of Rush's black listeners, who call him regularly, to STAND up.