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Sotomayor and Abortion: Norma McCorvey (formally Jane Roe, of Roe v Wade) asks Democrat Senators Nelson and Casey to Filibuster Sotomayor, and Work to Overturn Roe

Web sites for Senators Nelson and Casey (www.tellnelson.com) (www.tellcasey.com) launched; Will Nelson and Casey put life ahead of party and join a GOP filibuster?

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WASHINGTON, May 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- Miss Norma McCorvey, formerly the "Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade, offers this plea to Nelson and Casey:  

"Because the Obama administration is committed to the slaughter of children in utero - and this Supreme Court nominee reflects that intention - I appeal to your heart: filibuster Sonia Sotomayor, and do everything you can to overturn Roe vs. Wade."

Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue states:

"The filibuster trail was blazed by President Obama, VP Biden, Majority Leader Reed, Sec State Clinton, and other Democrat leaders in 2005 with Justice Alito. Do GOP leaders have the courage and integrity to filibuster an activist, pro-Roe judge?

"The Democrats have two weak links in their chain; Senators Nelson (NE) and Casey (PA) who both declare they are 'pro-life.' The question of conscience and courage is on the table: will they choose babies' lives or party loyalty?"

Mr. Terry Further states:

"We have a four pronged attack plan to derail this nomination. It will be an uphill battle, but if the GOP will honor its platform, and Catholic Bishops will obey the directives of John Paul II, we could keep Sotomayor off the court."

Senator Nelson (NE) declared he would vote against an "activist" judge. Below is the transcript of Judge Sotomayor, declaring that she and her collogues "make policy."

"Um, all of the legal defense funds out there, um, they're looking for people with Court of Appeals experience, because it is--Court of Appeals is where policy is made. And I know, and I know this is on tape and I should never say that because we don't make law, I know. Uh, um, uh, ok. [laughter] I, I know. I'm not, I'm not promoting it and I'm not advocating it. I'm, you know. [laughter] Uh. [laughter] Ok. Um. [laughter]"

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