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Has the Antichrist Arrived -- Phil Arms Warns About 'The Man Who Would Be God'

Contact: Tom Horn, Anomalos Publishing, 417-723-0610, tomhorn@anomalospublishing.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Prophecy foretells the coming of an Antichrist: a powerful, charming but evil dictatorial leader who appears during a time of worldwide desperation and deprivation and provides a chaotic world with hope. His coming will not be the result of a gentle, bloodless coup or an antiseptic political evolution. It will be accomplished and accompanied by brutality and bloodshed on an unprecedented scale. This remarkable individual with supernatural diplomatic skill first mesmerizes a desperate generation with hopes of change only to offer a brief glimpse of salvation followed by anarchy and annihilation.

According to the prophets, most will flock to this remarkable man as the proverbial moths to the flame. They will be drawn to his warmth and light only to be destroyed by his fire.

Has this epoch moment arrived? Is the greatest conspiracy of all time unfolding before our eyes?

Phil Arms believes the answer to this question may be "yes," and he is taking his message to the airwaves. As a leading prophetic voice for thirty-five years, Phil is no johnny-come-lately. As a teacher, senior pastor, and author, Phil became internationally known as the host of the television and radio program, Phil Arms Presents. He has led more than forty teaching tours to the Middle East, Europe and Israel and has been a guest on hundreds of television and radio programs around the world. His newest book is titled "The Man Who Would Be God," a personality he believes is preparing to step from the shadows onto the international scene.

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