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Barrie Hussein: Congenital Liar?

It's an addiction. He just can't stop lying about "stem cells".

Contact: Karen Brauer, MS, RPh, Pharmacists For Life International, 740-881-5520

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- Senator Obama's response to the media finding his stem cell ads to be false, is to air more of them. The Democrat candidate's camp is claiming that Senator McCain opposes "stem cell research". In the latest ad, heard running on WLW radio in Ohio on 10/6, there is no distinction made between adult stem cell, umbilical cord stem cell, and embryonic stem cell research. Obama, in addition to counting on his supporters to not know the difference between the various forms of stem cell research, also relies on them to be unaware that McCain has a position opposite to that which the ads claim.

McCain formerly opposed embryonic stem cell research, but (unfortunately) changed his mind in 2001, regarding federal funding of cells derived from already existing frozen embryos. His rationale is that they will be discarded, and therefore killed anyway. He continues to oppose the creation of new human embryos for stem cell research.

Obama's ad suggests that "stem cell research" yields many health benefits. The type of research which McCain opposes, and the use of existing embryos for stem cells have yielded no medical treatments thus far.

One of the reasons these researchers want public funds is that their output has been so dismal, that private investors are not willing to throw away their money on this boondoggle. The other reason is ideological, to put some kind of positive spin on killing humans prior to birth.

Adult and umbilical cord stem cell research, which McCain and Palin both support, has yielded numerous usable medical breakthroughs and treatments.

Obama is so brazen as to continue to lie to his supporters, even after the drive-by media has revealed his falsehood. In this way, he's telling his voting constituency that they are ignorant, and he's counting on them to remain ignorant.

Karen L Brauer MS, RPh is president of Pharmacists for Life International, the most fully pro-life pharmacists organization. Find our politically incorrect site at http://www.pfli.org.

To see another area in which Senator Obama has trouble with the truth, visit http://www.bornalivetruth.org.

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