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New DVD Encourages Children to Focus on Safety, Health & Fitness

Gina D's lovable cast educates and entertains


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DALLAS, Oct. 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- In today's fast-paced, goal-driven society, it seems as though childhood has become just another race to the finish line. The persistent influence of popular culture seeks out and extinguishes the flickers of childhood innocence. Sadly, subtle sarcasm and grown-up themes have become a pervasive force in the media—and have even set the tone for some kids' programming. For parents who want to savor and prolong the sweetness of their children's early years, Gina D's Kids Club® provides the perfect blend of education and wholesome entertainment. With the release of the award-winning DVD entitled "Safety, Health & Fitness," little ones can visit Gina D anytime.


Gina D's Kids Club is a critically acclaimed television program that establishes and reinforces positive values and behaviors. As children are mesmerized by the cute characters, clever musical numbers, and animated "Bobo Blocks" featurettes, they develop social, math and reading skills and a positive self-image. The program currently airs on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Smile of a Child, Inspirational Life (i-Life), LeSea's World Harvest Television (WHT), The Victory Television Network (VTN), The Christian Television Network (CTN), AMG-TV, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, and DirectTV stations across the country. The latest DVD release "Safety, Health & Fitness," includes three popular episodes: "Safety First," "Visit the Doctor," and "Let's Get Fit."


The "Safety, Health & Fitness" DVD received five "doves" from reviewer Debbie Satala of the Dove Foundation, a nonprofit pro-family organization established to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment. "Safety, Health & Fitness" is a wonderfully made film. The episodes contain so many wonderful things for children to learn. This is a great way to help your children learn about safety on the road, fire safety and exercise," Satala writes. "Gina D is a wonderful role model for your children as she is very kind and caring to everyone."


The individual episodes included on the DVD have drawn praise from mainstream and Christian media alike. "Visit the Doctor" was reviewed by N.Y. Times writer Hilary Howard when it first aired in 2005. She wrote "In the harmonious alternate universe of Gina D's Kids Club, negativity, selfishness and sarcasm don't exist. Each episode, served up like a spoonful of sugar . . . features a chorus of cuddly animal puppets, a gaggle of unthreatening human characters, and the show's constantly smiling host, Gina D, who is as gentle and nurturing as Bambi's mother."


The "Let's Get Fit" episode received a five-star review from Salvador SeBasco, host of The Inside ViewTM on KNLE Radio in Austin, TX. "One can only think that Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. producers Joey & Bernadette DiFrancesco and writers are engaging children, asking them to help their parents and themselves by following the tips in 'Let's Get Fit,'" SeBasco states. "It is not too often I want to play a DVD and scan to the same part over and over as I did with the 'Let's Get Fit' song. I'm not a spring chicken, but I had to get up to dance to it."


Gina D's Kids Club is a product of Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. Joey DiFrancesco, the company's president, has high expectations for the "Safety, Health & Fitness" DVD. "We are delighted to offer the Gina D experience in the DVD format so that families can enjoy the show whenever they want. We are confident that the DVD release will not only delight our current Gina D fans but will also draw new viewers to the show."