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'Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity' Exposes a New Cult of Scientists
Contact: Joshua Matrisciana, Director, Jeremiah Films, 800-828-2290, joshua@transhumanism.tv

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- 'Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity' (www.transhumanism.tv) is an explosive new documentary that reveals the extraordinary technologies that are empowering governments to create a new, genetically-modified, computer-enhanced super soldiers. The arms race has begun, and billions of dollars have been allotted to the research and development of creating a new breed of warriors, not quite human: transhuman. Although it sounds like science fiction, this film presents the reality that we live in, a sober and ominous future awaits us.

Hollywood is bringing us an epic horror story in April called 'Transcendence,' based on the idea of the Singularity made famous by Ray Kurzweil, but how far away are we from this being a reality? 'Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity' has interviews with leading experts on the topics of Genetic Enhancement, Quantum Physics, Digital Medicine and Artificial Intelligence, watch for yourself and see how the future is changing us.

It is the goal of the Transhumanist movement to ultimately achieve immortality, a science known today as 'anti-aging.' The mainstream media is highlighting this movement as irreversible and unstoppable. The only question remains, who takes hold of this technology first? The US government, China, Russia, a multinational corporation, or private firm? Why are the world's current superpowers scrambling to get ahead of the innovation? The answer is confronted and brought to light in this extraordinary exposé.

Obama has made significant taxpayer investments into technology that can read thoughts. Unmanned drones currently need an operator behind the remote, but the foundation for drones flying themselves using advanced A.I. is already here.

Experts like Chuck Missler, Thomas Horn, Joseph Farah, Frank Peretti and others give a somber and in-depth look at what the future might hold in the coming decade, if not only a few years away.

This fast-paced documentary leaves the viewer with a sense of wonder, empowerment, and a motivated desire to not be stranded in ignorance in this rapidly-changing world. Special effects and creative eye-candy make this enticing to both educated adults and their children.

With a positive conclusion, this film accurately presents an incredibly important topic that will affect every person alive today. Much like the widespread use of mobile technology, wi-fi and GPS, the transhuman ideology is now becoming part of our emerging culture.