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NOW TAX System vs The National Debt

The NOwTaxUSA.com is the only tax system structured to stop the debt clock

May 25, 2023

LERONA, W.Va., May 25, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- NOW TAX warns that the only way to actually start paying the National Debt is with a new tax system. NOW TAX proposed Amendment will replace all Federal taxes, to have only one national tax system. NOW TAX by spreading the infrastructure expenses across all sales and financial transactions, of all segments of the economy, will collect enough funds to start to pay down the debt. In addition, balance the budget with a low flat rate of 1%.

NOW TAX is the first and only tax system that changes the way taxes are applied. The best example of the best tax system is the fuel tax; it correlates directly with the user/taxpayer with the usage of highways. The more you use the more you pay. The SUPER ECONOMIC HIGHWAY of our economy is like a toll road and every person, business, and corporation uses it, so we will all pay for it. Details are available a NowTaxUSA.com.

The Now Tax Formula™

  1. An A-political (non-partisan) sole/single system with the least amount of rules, regulations, and laws, (no other taxes, and eliminates all other taxes)
  2. that spread the cost of the federal tax burden for the federal budget (infrastructure, government expenses, entitlements, and benefits) over all segments of the economy,
  3. using the largest common denominator (all/total sales, and transactions of all segments of the economy), 
  4. divided into the federal budget to determine and create the lowest possible tax; (1%)
  5. to have little or no negative effect on the economy.

The largest common denominator means all sales and all transactions from all segments of the economy: all citizens, non-citizens, consumers, organizations, enterprises, and businesses (Excluding internal transfers of personal or business transactions).

NOW TAX is a proposed amendment and the details can be found at www.NowTaxUSA.com. To contact the founder Stephen D. Redden call 727-776-3316 (please text first as this cell number is very busy).


CONTACT: Stephen D. Redden, 727-776-3316 (text)