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Islam is God's Reality Check for America

Contact: Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Elijah Ministries, 254-715-3134

MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- As our nation seeks to recover from the "kick in the gut" perpetrated by another Islamic Jihadist attack, the media spin doctors are hard at work to present major Hasan as a victim of America's aggression. He is quoted as stating, "America is at war against Islam and not terror." In this, I am in agreement (Why does it always take our enemies to reveal the truth to America?).

Other sources reported that the "good major" perhaps suffered from "distress" over being deployed. Regardless of the excuses made for his proclamation of "Allahu Akbar" (God is great) before opening fire on defenseless soldiers, we are told not to jump to conclusions or rush to judgment over the rampage committed at Ft. Hood. After all, the greater tragedy would be the crumbling of America's idol of tolerance.

America, in its maddening attempt to revel in willful ignorance strives to maintain our illicit love affair with diversity. Meanwhile, Islam continues to find a breeding ground to attack us from within and from without. One lady is actually quoted as saying she was dreadfully upset that the mass murderer from Fort Hood "was not named Smith."

What a queer remark. Why would the name "Smith" help this woman cope better with this savage, cowardly assault? Simply, it would not threaten her fantasy world of non-judgementalism. She would not be forced to think, believe or act as if there are such realities as good and evil in this poor-fallen world.

Islam is God's reality check for America. Can we continue to survive rejecting God and our Christian heritage for a "bowl of humanistic pottage?" We are selling our birthright as Americans so we can be just as sophisticated and enlightened as the Socialistic European nations that are in the midst of being conquered by Islam. Is this the heritage we desire to leave our children and grandchildren? I pray not in Jesus' name!