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America in Prophecy: The Beginning of the End

Contact: Natysha Berthiaume, Remnant Publications, 517-279-1304

COLDWATER, Mich., October 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Remnant Publications releases America in Prophecy: The Beginning of the End by inspired Christian writer E. G. White.  More than 150 years ago, E. G. White penned her first book concerning the great battle between good and evil with remarkable insights into what is being reported daily in today's headlines around the world.  Over a period of 70 years and through some 2,000 visions and dreams, she claimed that God was revealing to her a warning message to be proclaimed worldwide at the end of time.  America in Prophecy captures her firsthand experience regarding the spiritual revival in the nineteenth century.

According to the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc., she has some rather remarkable credentials.  She is the most translated woman writer in the entire history of literature, and the most translated American author of either gender. Some believe that Mrs. White was more than a gifted writer; they believe she was appointed by God as a special messenger to draw the world's attention to the Holy Scriptures and help prepare people for Christ's second advent.

Dwight Hall, president of Remnant Publications, describes why he has elected to release this special edition of her work:  "Insights from this author have never been more relevant because she lived during a time of great spiritual revival in America known as the Second Great Awakening.  Even though her contemporaries were Dwight L. Moody, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Finney, Lyman Beecher, and Peter Cartwright, her particular divine insight, which she so willingly shared, will carry people into eternity."

Earlier in history, Puritans, Pilgrims, and men like Roger Williams created a safe haven for liberty. They built "One Nation, under God"--a nation founded on Bible principles--thus, preparing the way for the Second Great Awakening.

But today, this dream of freedom is under siege. Why? Because many worship no god at all, and they increasingly oppose those who do.  These unbelievers would strip away the religious freedoms that our founders sacrificed to create.  They seem bent on creating a nation based on their own secular atheism, by force if necessary.  They mock the very idea that we are a nation under God.  We are becoming One Nation, under Total Confusion.

It's time to stand firm again--to stop compromising away our hard-won freedoms.  America in Prophecy will help all of us remember our nation's original dream--and inspire us to recapture it.

About Remnant Publications
Remnant Publications is one of the foremost publishers of Bible prophecy/commentary and Christian lifestyle books under a wide variety of prominent authors.  Dwight Hall, founder and President, created Remnant Publications in 1985 as a non-profit publishing company for Christian based books.  The most popular examples include The Passion of Love, The Ten Commandments Twice Removed, and the Bibles for Africa initiative.  Remnant Publications is headquartered in Coldwater, Michigan.

For more information about America in Prophecy: The beginning of the end . . . and to order copies, contact Remnant Publications at 517-279-1304. You may also visit
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