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California Legislature Destroys the Definition of Marriage

Passage of 'same-sex marriage' licenses demonstrates crying need to fund, qualify and pass the VoteYesMarriage.com California Marriage Amendment

Contact: VoteYesMarriage.com, 916-265-5643

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- On the heels of the Democrat-controlled California State Legislature passing a bill to license "same-sex marriages," the leaders of the California campaign to fully and permanently protect marriage for one man and one woman are vowing to fight back.

AB 43 by homosexual Assemblyman Mark Leno of San Francisco replaces "a man and a woman" with any "two persons" in California's marriage laws.  The bill was approved 22 to 15 today (Friday, Sept. 7) by the California State Senate. All Republican senators opposed AB 43, while all but three Democrat senators supported it. The bill now goes to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his signature or veto.

"Marriage between a man and a woman will continue to be targeted for destruction by politicians and judges unless we fully and permanently protect this sacred institution in the California State Constitution," said former Assemblyman Larry Bowler, a proponent of the VoteYesMarriage.com California Constitutional Marriage Amendment. "Until the people fund, qualify and pass the VoteYesMarriage.com amendment, marriage will be threatened with destruction and eventual extinction. Even Governor Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Brown have said that the Legislature has the power to abolish marriage and yank marriage rights from husbands and wives."

While the California Legislature has passed "same-sex marriage" licenses, the ultimate threat to marriage comes from the California Supreme Court. The state high court is expected to rule next year that homosexual "marriages" can occur in all 58 counties in California, thus destroying the people's 2000 vote to protect marriage with Proposition 22. Passed by 61.4% in 2000, Prop. 22 was a statute, and not a constitutional amendment out of reach of politicians and judges.

"Time is running out for generous souls to leave the legacy of marriage to future generations through the VoteYesMarriage.com amendment," said Randy Thomasson, one of the organizers of the VoteYesMarriage.com California Constitutional Marriage Amendment.  "If we don't rescue marriage now, marriage for a man and a woman can easily be destroyed in the law. But our democracy is founded on government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It's time for the people to rise up to protect marriage rights once and for all for one man and one woman. The only initiative that will accomplish this is the rock-solid VoteYesMarriage.com constitutional marriage amendment."

The VoteYesMarriage.com campaign estimates that it needs $2.5 million to professionally qualify its amendment for the 2008 ballot. U.S. citizens and legal residents are encouraged to generously donate at www.voteyesmarriage.com.