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Colorado's Personhood Amendment 62 Organizers Answer Critics, Invite Scrutiny of Petition Signatures

Contact: Donna Ballentine, 303-753-9394; www.personhoodcolorado.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Colorado Statesman reporters brought a recent meeting of the Secretary of State's "Best Practices & Vision Commission" to the attention of Amendment 62 sponsors today. According to The Statesman, commission members discussed an unnamed recent initiative and the "possibility" that signatures may have been illegally duplicated to qualify for the ballot during the 15 day curing period. It was decided that a bill will be introduced to eliminate the curing period altogether.

"It is obvious that they are talking about Amendment 62, as we are the only initiative to take advantage of the curing period in over 7 years," explained Leslie Hanks, co-sponsor of Amendment 62 and Vice President of Colorado Right to Life. "Our volunteers worked so hard that we are certain we can stand behind the signatures they collected. We maintain that a higher than average percentage of our signatures are legitimate, and invite our opposition to check every one of the over 126,000 signatures. They are welcome to check the 5,000 signature sample against the other signatures as well, which would require very little time or effort and would absolutely prove that we got the job done with no 'gaming' of the system. We stand behind our volunteers and behind our signatures."

"We are not surprised by veiled comments that attack our success," added Keith Mason, manager of the Amendment 62 campaign. "One of the commission members is Kevin Paul, an attorney for abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood's lobby boasts a plaque recognizing Kevin Paul, and publicly acknowledges Kevin Paul for 'Anticipating and advising on legal matters including regulatory challenges'. Is it really a surprise that a representative of abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood would like to disallow future pro-life grassroots efforts of the people?"

Amendment 62 is not affected by the Commission, as it is guaranteed its place on the 2010 ballot. However, future ballot initiatives could be at risk. "It would be far better to simply check for duplicate signatures than to eliminate the curing period altogether," observed Amendment sponsor Gualberto Garcia-Jones of Personhood Colorado. "The commission is unwittingly acknowledging the remarkable power of an energized and mobilized church body. We look forward to the Secretary of State's disbelief when churches around the state unite to pass Amendment 62."