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Civil Unions for Illinois?

Contact: David E. Smith, Illinois Family Institute, 773-858-6602

MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 26, 2010 /Christian Newswire/ -- The lame duck session of the IL General Assembly is considering the passage of SB 1716, which will legalize same-sex civil unions by granting all the benefits of marriage to homosexual couples.

Section 10 of this bill states that any partner in a civil union shall be legally considered a "spouse" and "family." "This is same-sex marriage sans the name," said David E. Smith, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute. "That is simply something that American voters have rejected time and time again. Voters in 31 states have rejected redefining marriage and family at the ballot box. The people in Illinois are no different."

Those who want to redefine marriage often insist that the only necessary qualification for marriage is "love." Under that rationale, there can logically be no boundaries as to what constitutes marriage. Any combination or number of consenting individuals must ultimately gain the same legal and societal sanction as traditional marriage. While love is vital, it is not the definitive element of marriage, and love is certainly not the concern of government. We love many people we do not marry.

Natural marriage and family must not be undermined. The data are clear and irrefutable -- children do best in stable, healthy homes with both a mom and dad. Illinois' children deserve the ideal environment and must have healthy examples. Today, with millions of fatherless children, it is callous and irresponsible to make matters worse by redefining the most basic institution of marriage to suit the desires of a few selfish adults.