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HBU Hosts LWI Orality Training Workshop: An Introduction to Contextual Bible Storying

Contact: Marisol Sampson, Living Water International, 281-207-7834, marisol@water.cc

HOUSTON, June 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- Join Living Water International at Houston Baptist University to learn more about the Orality phenomenon, as we gain new skills that are transferable to any culture or people group in the world.

According to the International Orality Network, four billion people in the world are primary oral learners -- people who do not learn through literate means like reading and writing. Oral learners communicate through methods such as storytelling, drama, songs, and proverbs. Ironically, an estimated 90% of the world's Christian workers present the gospel using literate -- not oral -- communication styles. In order to reach and disciple oral learners, we must learn to use the strategies that are familiar and relevant to them.

The Lord is doing amazing things through the Orality Movement. In fact, orality is the fastest growing movement in evangelism, and it is changing the face of missions around the world. The rapidly reproducing church planting movements are among oral cultures in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Increasing numbers of churches and ministries in North America are also recognizing the need for and value of storying and other orality methods in reaching and making disciples among secondary and oral preference learners.

Living Water International's mission is about much more than water.

Providing a cup of clean water in Jesus' name, they hope that those who receive it would know the grace and power of the true Living Water that alone satisfies the deepest thirst. This is why the Contextual Bible Storying method is important. While 70% of the world's population are oral learners, it's estimated that 80% - 90% of those in the regions where LWI works are oral learners.

In this Orality Training Workshop, we will invite you to interact with the stories and the Bible as an oral learner. Not only will statistics and theories about oral cultures be taught, but participants will experience Contextual Bible Storying both as a listener and a storyteller. During the workshop, they will participate in the same orality training that Living Water conducts in developing countries.

Anyone interested in becoming more effective in sharing the gospel and making disciples will benefit from this workshop.

Sessions are conducted in both English and Spanish.

Upcoming workshop will be Saturday, July 17, 2010 8:30 am - 4:30pm

Houston Baptist University
Dillon II, Hinton Center
7502 Fondren Road
Houston, TX 77074

Register online at: www.water.cc/storying