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Pentagon Censors Christian Art

Contact: Helen Cook, PrimeStar Publicity, 903-654-0938, Helen.Cook@PrimeStarPublicity.com

TEMECULA, Calif., June 4, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recently Artist Ron DiCianni and Tapestry Productions became aware of a decision made by Mountain Home Air Force Base, in consultation with the Pentagon to remove a print of Ron DiCianni's Blessed Are the Peacemakers in response to an "anonymous email." Tapestry Productions is the publisher of this painting and the agent of record for Artist Ron DiCianni.

Tapestry Productions President, Grant DiCianni, responded by saying "First, we are deeply saddened as we receive more information about this incident, to see the apparent hostility of Pentagon leadership to a message, that is clearly in keeping with the foundation of this country & the Air Force and whose communication is clearly protected by the First Amendment. The painting that was removed based on this anonymous complaint is entitled Blessed are the Peacemakers. It features a modern day policeman standing in front of a medieval knight. The flag held in the hand of the knight morphs from a medieval coat of arms into the flag of the United States of America. In this edition of the painting, the word 'Integrity' is stenciled over the image and the verse referenced is 'Blessed are the Peacemakers for they will be named sons of God' Matt 5:9."

"It is our belief" DiCianni continued "that this message is one that the modern day military should be proud to embody -- the idea of integrity in the service of peace. Having known many military service members over the years, I have never encountered one that enjoyed the idea of war. Every war fought has been to pave the path back to peace. Hence, the military is an embodiment of the ultimate peacemaker, a pursuit blessed in Scripture. It would seem this is a message that the Air Force should be willing to foster, not censor."

In regard to the painting's removal, DiCianni stated "We have yet to be contacted by anyone at the Pentagon or Mountain Home Air Force Base in regard to this issue, despite our repeated requests. The Pentagon has referred any response to the Air Force Press Desk who in turn is referring communication to the Air Force base in question. This act of religious censorship appears to reflect the assurances that senior Pentagon officials provided to anti-Christian activist Mickey Weinstein, during a recent meeting at the Pentagon, that they would begin enforcing regulation against religious expression in the military, at all levels."

DiCianni ended his comments with "We want to be clear that here at Tapestry Productions, we have the utmost respect for the men and women of this great country who wear the uniform of our Armed Forces and who have sacrificed so much to defend America. I am certain that religious censorship does not reflect their values nor does it reflect the beliefs upon which this nation was founded. However, given the events of the last few months, it appears that the Pentagon, under the leadership of Defense Secretary Hagel, has undertaken a censorship campaign to rid the military of any vestige of Christianity."

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