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The Movie 2012: Harmless Fun or a Dangerous Influence

Contact: Sarah Anne Sumpolec, 540-842-5230, sarah.sumpolec(at)gmail.com

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- 2012 is the latest Hollywood blockbuster and the largest "end of the world" disaster film ever made. With a worldwide gross of nearly 600 million and growing, this film delivers edge of your seat moments and spectacular special effects.

2012 is based on the Mayan calendar -- some believe it points to the end of the world on December 21, 2012. The movie proposes that increased Solar activity might cause the destabilization of the earth's mantle and result in violent earthquakes and giant tsunamis -- whipping out much of the earth.

Just harmless entertainment, right? Not for everyone. Even NASA had to step in to calm fears that the world might actually end in 2012 by setting up a FAQ section on their website. The Barna Group believes movies are one of the greatest influencers of people's thoughts and opinions. As Christians, we need to be aware of what a film like 2012 is really saying.

At it's core, 2012 is a modern day Noah's ark story but the filmmakers clearly do not have Scripture in mind. The film essentially says that man and science can save us and belief in God cannot. A telling scene is when Italian religious leaders decide not to join those traveling to the arks. The US leader says, "They decided to trust in God and prayer." You then see cardinals praying in the Sistine Chapel as an earthquake splits the ceiling between the finger of God and Adam. The ceiling collapses and the Vatican itself rolls over, crushing millions of poor fools with their lighted candles who trusted in prayer.

Many Christians are rightfully concerned about Hollywood movies that glorify sin. But "A movie like 2012 is potentially even more dangerous," says Joseph Bardwell, President of In Jesus' Name Productions. "In all it's glitzy, high entertainment value, the movie is asking audiences to question what God has said." Like Satan in the Garden, the film redefines what God has told us and is being used to promote lies and anti-God thinking.

A group of Christian filmmakers is working diligently to compete head-to-head with Hollywood at their own game. Imagine high-quality movies that move us and even wow us, but are based on stories which promote God's Truth. Compelling movies that can help influence this generation back to a correct understanding of God, the Bible, and even science.

In Jesus' Name Productions (www.IJNP.org) is a not-for-profit ministry that works to help fund and promote movies strategically created for maximum spiritual impact throughout the world. Currently in development is "The Flood", a film that will set the record straight about the greatest disaster the world has ever known and mankind's true history.

To schedule an interview with Joseph Bardwell, President of In Jesus' Name Productions, contact Sarah Anne Sumpolec at 540-842-5230 or sarah.sumpolec(at)gmail.com