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Innovative Infographic Service Launched, Better Informed US Voters May Results
Contact: Tom O'Malley, 855-264-6399, editor@OMalleyCS.com

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., Dec. 12, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- A California media company has launched an innovative syndication featuring a wide variety of infographics aimed at helping publishers and broadcasters fill a void in the news business and help voters become better informed. Using an infographic is a proven method of sharing information in a visually appealing way. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming to produce and update high-quality infographics on important topics. The new service enables publishers to do this without breaking a sweat -- or the budget. The company also expects TV stations in small and medium markets to find the service of value.

"While some of our infographics are light-hearted, most contain important and relevant information about the federal government and our society that every American can benefit from knowing," O'Malley says. "By publishing our infographics, a news publication or station can play an important role in helping U.S. voters become better informed citizens.  The infographics are easy to access, easy to publish, and easy on the budget," says Tom O’Malley, founding editor of O'Malley Content Syndication. This is to allow virtually every news media company to publish infographics.

Topics include business, national defense and security, economy and jobs, government, politics, and personal finance, national holidays, and current events. The company says it designed each infographic to quickly and effectively communicate important information in a way that an average reader can understand and appreciate. Each can be a stand-alone feature, added to a gallery, or imbedded into a report, column, or special feature. New or updated infographics are to be released weekly starting in 2014.

About O'Malley Content Syndication: O'Malley Content Syndication is a division of American Newzine, Inc.®, a privately held company based in Walnut Creek, California. The service is available at www.OMalleyCS.com.

Media Contact: Tom O'Malley, editor@OMalleyCS.com

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