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Pro-Life Groups Asked to Send Special E-Mail: 'Where do the Candidates Stand on Abortion?' to House E-Lists - Goal: Reach Ten Million Voters

Contact: Sue Cyr, 972-602-1462, Sue_Cyr@juno.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- National Right to Life Committee (www.nrlc.org) has produced an excellent flyer showing where John McCain and Barack Obama stand on abortion.  McCain and Obama have very different positions, and millions of Americans need to see this flyer immediately! It's called: Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion? and can be found at www.nrlc.org.

"This flyer will help get out the pro-life vote for the sake of unborn babies, moms, dads and our country," said Sue Cyr, spokesperson for The Presidential Pro-life E-Mail Campaign.

Time is short!  The Presidential Pro-life E-Mail Campaign is encouraging all organizations to e-mail their entire E-lists the Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion? flyer. The goal is a massive grassroots viral e-mail campaign that reaches 10 million American voters so they can learn the truth about the two major Presidential candidates' stands on abortion, especially in the swing states.

"This election presents a stark contrast between a pro-life candidate and one who is the most pro-abortion Presidential candidate in American history," said Sue Cyr. "The pro-abortion candidate, Barack Obama, has pledged that his first act as President would be to sign a bill (Freedom of Choice Act) that would undo all the pro-life legislative protections for abortion-targeted preborn babies that pro-lifers have gained in the last 35 years.  Obama has also promised to appoint only pro-abortion nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court, entrenching abortion on demand for another whole generation.  This would be a disaster for our country and a death sentence for millions more innocent babies."

"Starting today," added Sue Cyr, "we're asking all pro-life organizations and individuals to send an encouraging e-mail and this fact-filled pro-life flyer to hundreds of thousands of voters all across America.  The attachment is a reproducible flyer from the National Right to Life Committee that objectively states the two main Presidential candidates' positions on abortion."

"Please urge pro-lifers everywhere to download the Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion? flyer at www.nrlc.org, reproduce it and distribute it widely in their community. Send it to all relatives, friends and contacts . . . and ask them to do the same, to forward it on, and so on.  Through this snowball effect, we hope to reach 10 million Americans with this vital pro-life message in the final days before the election.  Unfortunately, millions of voters have been kept in the dark about Barack Obama's radical pro-abortion stand."

Download Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion? at www.nrlc.org  

Also, please watch and forward this powerful YouTube video showing the presidential candidates' positions on abortion in their own words at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kri8G-lGYfg