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Quran to be 'Torn Up' at White House on Saturday, 9/11 at 11:30 A.M.
Contact: Katherine Veritas, 904 687 9804, for Andrew Beacham
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is released by Andrew Beacham, Tea Party leader from Indiana:
Tea Party Leader Andrew Beacham (of Indiana) says: "Yes, I intend to tear up the Quran in Obama's front yard. The only reason I will not burn it at the White House is because to burn anything on the Capitol grounds is a felony.
"I fear God alone; I will not live in fear of Islam, and I will not deny the gospel. I will preach the Christian faith - that Jesus Christ is Lord, Priest, King, and Prophet - and that Muhammad is a false prophet. Beyond that, I will not allow the oppressive teachings of Muhammad and the tyranny of Sharia law to remain unchallenged." Andrew Beacham, Tea Party leader from Indiana.
Also: See Dr. Timothy Furnish's article: "What Would Jesus Do With a Qur'an? Actually, He Might Burn It." hnn.us/blogs/78.html  
A Large group of Tea Party and Religious rights activists will gather in front of the White House to tear out egregious passages from the Quran that call for violence against Christians and Jews. This is a peaceful "solidarity gathering" regarding religious freedom, and the planned Quran burning in various cities in America.
Participants will ask: "President Obama, do you support Sharia law, the Quran, and Islamic violence; or do you stand with Constitutional freedoms, religious liberty, your professed Christianity, and peaceful protest?
"Mr. President, you stand with the 'constitutional freedom' of Muslims to put a Mosque at ground zero in NYC. Do you stand with the 'constitutional freedoms' of those who protest against Sharia law, and burn a book that calls for killing infidels?"
Andrew Beacham also says: "I intend to tear up the pages of the Quran that call for me to be enslaved or killed by Muslims for my Christian faith. If that insults or enrages Muslims, so be it."
Note: Timothy R. Furnish, Ph.D., - author of "What Would Jesus Do With a Qur'an? Actually, He Might Burn It." is a writer, researcher and analyst specializing in Islamic history, sects, eschatology, ideology and Mahdism. He learned Arabic at taxpayers' expense while in the U.S. Army and, later, studied Farsi, Turkish and Ottoman while a doctoral student at Ohio State University. His first book was Holiest Wars: Islamic Mahdis, their Jihads and Osama bin Laden and his second, due out in 2010, is The Caliphate: Threat or Opportunity? He also maintains a website dedicated to covering Mahdism and Muslim eschatology: mahdiwatch.org.