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Response to Russell Moore's Call for Disengagement in the Culture War

Contact: Janet, 936-560-3900, Janet@vaaction.org

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 24, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Reluctant as I am to oppose a brother-in-Christ, I must respectfully take issue with Dr. Russell Moore, the new head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the lobbying arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, and his call for Christians to selectively retreat in the culture war," said Dr. Rick Scarborough, President of Vision America Action and an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

In an October 21 profile/interview in the Wall Street Journal, Dr, Moore is described as representative of a new-generation of evangelical leaders. After the Supreme Court's decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, Moore responded with a pithy slogan, "Love your gay and lesbian neighbors."

The ERLC head fears an over-emphasis on politics will alienate Millennials. Scarborough countered: "I didn't know we were involved in a popularity contest. I thought our job was to proclaim the truth, not tailor our message to the times. How can we take a soft-approach to a culture that is daily becoming more hostile to the Christian faith led by a political force determined to legislate evil and punish Christians who dissent?"

Again, according to the Journal, Moore acknowledged that "marriage was a bond between a man and a woman but shouldn't be seen as a 'culture war issue.'"

Scarborough: "In other words, it's okay to affirm the Bible's message on marriage, as long as we don't defend it. Dr. Moore doesn't seem to understand that Christians didn't choose to engage in a culture war; it was forced on us by those who dominate the culture."

"When the left seeks to nullify the votes of more than 50 million Americans in state marriage referenda, how can we ignore that? When Christians are persecuted for refusing to bend the knee to the gay agenda, how can we answer that with inoffensive clichés?" And where's the Christian love for small business owners who are being forced to close down their businesses just for refusing to embrace the gay agenda due to their deeply held religious beliefs, a violation of their First Amendment rights?"

Lastly, Scarborough notes: "Dr. Moore warns evangelicals against becoming 'mascots for any political faction.' I agree," says Scarborough. "But I strongly disagree that we should not engage strongly and passionately those who seek to dismantle the Judeo-Christian heritage that made America a Blessed nation."

For more information, visit the Vision America Action website at www.vaaction.org. To schedule an interview with Dr. Scarborough, contact Janet at 936-560-3900 or janet@vaaction.org.