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Black Pastors that Voted for Obama Have Placed Themselves in the Eye of the Storm

Contact: Dr. Peggy Elliott, Let the Babies Live America, 316-305-5673 


OPINION, Dec. 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Peggy Elliott submits the following and is available for interviews:


It was almost a month ago that I lost my breath, not held my breath, but lost it. I sat glued to the television set like hundreds of thousands of others throughout the world, waiting to hear who would become the next president elect. First, I heard McCain's concession speech, leading me to know that Barrack Obama had been elected the next President of the United States. How could this have happened? And was CNN correct when it cited that over 600,000 Black Americans who had not voted last election, even though they were registered, voted this election? Was I really hearing Black pastors applaud, cheer and weep joyously at the news? I lost my breath!


Had pastors forgotten the 10 Commandments? When asked how I voted and why I voted the way I did, I made it clear that I use the word of God on which to determine any actions I take. Isn't that to be my moral and spiritual compass if I call myself a born-again believer? Therefore, if the Word says that 'thou shalt not kill', how could I vote for a pro-abortion candidate? If the Word says that God created man and from him woman and through them He ordained marriage, aren't I to vote for the candidate who espouses pro-traditional marriage?


How in the world have Black and white religious leaders shut their eyes to the truth? Isn't that what sets us free? While I do believe that the Republican Party lead America severely off course during the past eight years, and that Americans refused to put up with four years of mayhem, it still does not excuse us from voting for a candidate that believes in killing babies and accepts domestic partnership benefits as being non-discriminatory. Now, Black pastors, where are we as a people-group? Do we not know that we are literally destroying ourselves as a people group? Did you not know that since the legalization of abortion, 1973, we have aborted over 16 million babies? We have aborted almost as many babies inside the womb as we have allowed to live outside the womb. We are continuing to shed innocent blood through black-on-black crime. When ya' know better, don't ya' do better? African Americans. Black people. Where are we headed?


I believe we are in the eye of the storm. The phrase "eye of the storm" refers to the relatively calm center of a hurricane, where winds are light and the skies are only slightly cloudy, or even clear. If the eye of the hurricane passes over during the daytime, one might see sunny skies and even enjoy a rise in temperature. Observers sometimes mistake the arrival of the eye as a sign that the storm is over; but, at the end of the eye's passage, the storm returns at full force with a deluge of rain and violent winds blowing in the opposite direction to that of the storm's leading edge.


Black Americans, more specifically, Black leaders, I believe that while the skies look clear and the election of Obama has brought a rise in temperature and it looks like the storm has passed over, we can't be fooled. I, too, desire to live to see an African American as president, but one who believes in letting babies live. We cannot go against the Word of God and escape the wrath of God. The storm is silently raging spiritually and politically because of the decisions many in this country made one month ago.


But, there is good news for the Believer, do not be discouraged. Although the Israelites got the king they desired, there is a remnant of Israelites still praying. I know that prayer changes things and that we must pray for Obama. I'm foolish enough to believe that it is possible for him to come to know Christ as his personal Savior and live the same. I know that many of my brothers and sisters will read this and call me sell out. But, if you think I am wrong, just pray for me. Ahhhh, now I can breathe again.