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Justices of the Supreme Court Take Notice: 'Your Perfect Prayer to God' Solves the Current Dilemma Re: Separation of Church and State

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NOVATO, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Supreme Court is struggling with the Constitutional correctness of prayer in government because of the recent challenge brought by the Town of Greece, NY vs. Susan Galloway, et. al regarding the issue of "separation of church and state." The Messiah Network solves this problem with "Your Perfect Prayer To God" (themessiah.net).

The Messiah Network is a strong proponent of the virtue of prayer for guidance and establishment of social values in our daily lives. Prayer is an individual choice in our country, as it should be. Neil H. Brandt of The Messiah Network created "Your Perfect Prayer To God." What makes this prayer unique is that it is a universal, non-denominational prayer which by design is not likely to offend any religion or be a threat to any government or our Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers concern was to separate the function and laws of government from the authority of The Church of England. Currently, we are not particularly concerned about the influence of The Church of England. For most people separation of Church and State is more often interpreted to mean that no specific religion or non-religion (atheism, humanism, etc) should be imposed upon us or receive preferential treatment in administrating the law.

"Your Perfect Prayer To God" (youtu.be/J4uZZq77y3o) was created with the underlying principal that the belief in prayer and some form of higher purpose is what is important -- not the details of a particular faith. Justice Elena Kagan one of the Supreme Court Justices shared this interesting and revealing observation. She emphasized how important it is to "maintain a multi-religious society in a peaceful and harmonious way." "Your Perfect Prayer To God" fits that requirement exactly!

Recently, Neil H. Brandt was on a radio show with Pastor Wiley Drake (themessiah.net/blog/listen-to-neil-h-brandt-as-guest-on-the-pastor-wiley-drake-show/) in which they discussed the value of prayer for our Nation. Pastor Wiley Drake, Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington D.C., meets with congressional members to discuss important social issues of our day. He used Neil's "Your Perfect Prayer To God" to open the meeting two weeks ago. Go to: www.TheMessiah.Net and listen to "Your Perfect Prayer To God" and see why this prayer is so special and why it has had over half a million views in the past six months.

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