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Dr. Alan Keyes Charges Fr. Jenkins with Abuse of Authority -- Press Conference Held Today by those Arrested at Notre Dame for Sharing Pro-Life Message

Press Conference Today: 2:00 PM, Headquarters, Stop Obama Notre Dame, 2614 South Michigan

Contact: Randall Terry, 904-687-9804; stopobamanotredame.com 

SOUTH BEND, Ind., May 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Keyes charges Fr. Jenkins with abuse of authority. Also to be present at press conference will be others arrested, including Ed Schaub, a New Mexico man who was sexually abused by a priest as a boy. Mr. Schaub spent 3 days in jail after being arrested at Notre Dame.

Mr. Schaub gave a moving testimony at a pro-life meeting as to the harm he suffered because of spiritual indifference to the damage done to him by those in authority in the Church community who abuse their position.

Dr. Alan Keyes has contacted Fr. David Tyson, the immediate Superior of Fr. Jenkins in the Holy Cross order, asking for a hearing to deal with what Keyes charges is an abuse of authority by Fr. Jenkins and other members of the Congregation of the Holy.

Writing on his own behalf and that of others arrested last Friday, Keyes said:

"We are writing to seek redress of grievances we have suffered at the hands of a member of your order by abuse of his authority as President of the University of Notre Dame."

Here are excerpts of his letter:

1)  He has scandalized us and other members of the community of the faithful by his role in the decision taken by the University of Notre Dame, in defiance of the explicit direction of Church leaders, to extend a scandalous commencement speaking invitation and honorary degree to Barack Obama, who has become the focus of abortion evil in the world today;

2)  To cover this scandalous decision, he ordered the University Police to prevent us from fulfilling our obligation, under God's law and the Church's teaching, to witness to truth so that young souls affected by his scandalous action would not be lost through obstinate commitment to the sins it encourages;

To address these grievances, we respectfully request that you:

1)  Immediately grant us a hearing so that we may formally detail the moral and material harm we have suffered at the hands of a member of your order;

2)  Request and require that Father Jenkins, and any others of your order who may be involved with him in this matter, appear at the said hearing to respond to our charges against him;

3)  Render judgment and immediate relief from the harm done to us, and others of the community of the faithful acting as we do, including but not limited to the immediate, public and complete withdrawal of all charges brought against us by the University before the civil authorities and the immediate cessation of all acts that persecute individuals witnessing to truth in accordance with divine law and the teachings and direction of the Church;

The full text will be distributed at 2:00 P.M. at the Stop Obama Notre Dame Headquarters at 2614 South Michigan, South Bend, IN

To Interview Dr. Keyes, or Ed Schaub, call 904-687-9804