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'Chick-fil-A Loves God, but Twitter Hates God' Says USA.Life Social Network Founder Reacting to Jack Dorsey's Hate
Contact: Steven Andrew, USA.Life, 877-585-7729
SAN JOSE, Calif., June 11, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Steven Andrew, who is building the new USA.Life social network "to replace Twitter and Facebook," reacted to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attacking Chick-fil-A. Dorsey apologized for posting a picture of Chik-fil-A during "gay pride month." Yet, Andrew defended Chick-fil-A that "loves God" for supporting traditional marriage and slammed Twitter that "hates God" for opposing God's marriage.
"The USA has had enough of Twitter and Facebook's hating God and conservatives, with all the blocking and restrictions they do," said Andrew. "To have American freedom, you need USA.Life!"

"People are signing up fast for USA.Life, USA.Life social network since it is the answer to Twitter and Facebook censoring, Christians, conservatives, family-values, patriotic speech and liberty," Andrew said. "It is time to unite the nation!"

"Jack Dorsey being ashamed of eating at Chik-fil-A, because the owner Dan Cathy supports traditional marriage shows how unAmerican Dorsey is. The Founding Fathers believed in traditional marriage. The truth is Dorsey hates God, the Founding Fathers and conservatives. That is why he censors them. The real hater is Dorsey," said Andrew.

"Mark Zuckerberg is unAmerican and a hater too, since Facebook censors those who believe in traditional marriage," said Andrew.

Andrew started a crowdfunding page to fund the completion of USA.Life social network that "unites the USA by ending the division caused by Twitter and Facebook's censorship." He provides an overview and identifies where he is placing the funds.

USA.Life needs to raise about $623,000 now to launch this summer.

"Freedom and privacy could be lost forever without USA.Life. However, we can save the internet if 62,300 people give $10, or if 6,230 supporters give $100, or if 623 people donate $1,000 today. If people want liberty and safety, it is at USA.Life," Andrew said.

"Everyone giving gets a reward. Those giving $1,000 or more will have their name or business listed on the Founders Wall, which will always be displayed," he said.

Andrew "loves America." What makes him unique is he passionately believes like our Founding Fathers that God gives us liberty. He has extensive business and technical leadership experience to the Fortune 500, higher education and start ups, including for Cisco, Stanford, Sega and Better Homes and Gardens, where he successfully led multi-million dollar initiatives.

He also is building 1776Free.com search engine to give "conservative results that have been hidden."

Andrew assesses the risks and answers frequently asked questions at www.USA.Life.