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Unregistered Baptist Fellowship Adopts Resolution Insisting Homosexuals be Banned from Serving in U.S. Military

Group encourages other churches and denominations to adopt same resolution

Contact: Dr. Greg Dixon, 317-414-3478, drgregdixon@earthlink.net; www.unregisteredbaptistfellowship.com 

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following resolution was passed by those who were in attendance at the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship meeting in Garfield Heights, Ohio, on March 27, 2010. Individual churches are encouraged to use the resolution.

    Wherefore, Congress passed a law in 1993 (Section 654, Title 10)  banning homosexuals from serving the U.S. military. That same year, President Clinton, bypassing that law, implemented the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which means personnel cannot ask about sexual orientation and allows homosexuals to serve in the military as long as they do not announce their sexual orientation on their military eligibility forms.

    Wherefore, President Obama has made it clear he wants to change the law to allow gay people to serve openly in the military.

    Wherefore, individuals whose beliefs and feelings about sexuality are violated by the new policy will have no resource. The only option would be to avoid or leave the service. Forced cohabitation with homosexuals in the military 24/7, would be unfair, demoralizing, and harmful to the culture of the volunteer force on which our national security depends.

    Wherefore, a change in law and policy to allow homosexuals to serve openly would be particularly divisive among men and women whose religious convictions are thrown into direct conflict with official military policy. As a result, thousands of valuable troops could feel compelled to avoid or leave military service.

    Wherefore, the military institution exists to defend the country, it is not just another equal opportunity employer.

    Wherefore, given the officially-recognized correlation between homosexual conduct and HIV infection, it is reasonable to expect that repeal of Section 654, Title 10 could increase the number of troops who require medical benefits for many years but cannot be deployed.

    Wherefore, certain institutions such as marriage bureaus, schools, and churches will be pressured to follow the military's lead. If the Marine Corps recognizes same-sex couples, why should other government institutions, schools, and even churches, not be expected to do the same.

    Wherefore, military chaplains would have the heaviest burden.

    * Their sermons would be censored to prevent them from preaching on biblical passages which describe homosexual conduct as sin.

    * They would not remain free to counsel soldiers troubled by same-sex attraction about the spiritual and psychological resources available to overcome such attractions.

    * Chaplains who hold biblical convictions of sexual morality could be denied promotion, or even forced out of the military altogether.

    Therefore, because God's word condemns same sex physical relationships (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:24-32), calling them abomination, and considering them a capitol crime against society and nature worthy of the death penalty

    Be it resolved,

    That we insist upon enforcement of the law (Section 654, Title 10) by eliminating the Clinton Administration's policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," which is inconsistent with the 1993 law (Section 654, Title 10).

    That the question about homosexuality that used to be on induction forms prior to January 1993 be restored.

    That we oppose any legislative attempt to repeal the 1993 homosexual conduct law in Congress.